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A helpful physical therapy for knee pain in Belle Chasse, LA

June 24th, 2019
Knee Pain Physical Therapy

According to one source, about 25% of adults suffer from knee pain caused by factors like osteoarthritis. This means that one in every four Belle Chasse, Louisiana, residents may be looking for physical therapy for knee pain. There are many therapy methods that can help treat this type of pain, but kinesio taping is a technique that’s particularly effective for knee pain.

What is kinesio taping?

Kinesio taping is a physical therapy technique that uses specially designed tape, and this tape is activated by the heat of a person’s body. The tape also contains no latex, so it’s safe to use on patients who are allergic to latex. Kinesio tape was created by a doctor named Kenzo Kase in 1979, and it’s often used by athletes and patients suffering from various types of pain.

How can kinesio taping help treat knee pain?

There are many ways that kinesio taping can help patients who have knee pain. For instance, this physical therapy technique is designed to gently pull the skin away from muscles. In turn, this helps improve blood flow to painful or damaged knee muscles. This capability can also help improve the drainage of fluid from the knee, and this may help reduce swelling and inflammation.

Also, kinesio taping helps provide more stability for your knee, and this can help decrease your pain. It can even provide this stability for days at a time thanks to the special tape used in this technique. This technique can also help increase the benefits of manual therapy methods like soft tissue manipulation.

Physical therapy for knee pain is available from the Belle Chasse, LA, clinic of Rehab Access

Rehab Access has a clinic in Belle Chasse, and our team here has been offering physical therapy for knee pain and other issues for the past 20 years. To help you find the most effective therapy for your pain, we’ll first perform a one-on-one evaluation to find out what’s causing it. Our team will then build you a personalized therapy plan, and this plan may include kinesio taping and many other helpful techniques. Take the next step to find relief from your knee pain at our Belle Chasse clinic. Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment.