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Balance exercises for the elderly — three ways a physical therapist can make it fun

January 2nd, 2020
Fun Balance Exercises for Elderly

It’s just a fact of life that as we get older, many of our physical capabilities start to decline. While there’s no way for any of us to turn back the clock, it is possible to slow down the process by taking a proactive role in our health and wellness. A perfect example is to counteract the natural loss of balance that we all experience with exercises designed to promote increased stability and functioning. 

Fractures and other injuries related to falls can be a serious health concern for seniors — and general loss of balance is a major contributor. Underlying causes include a loss of eye-body coordination, muscle atrophy and joint degeneration. By undergoing a program of balance exercises, elderly patients can successfully work against these forces and improve their overall health. In contrast, adopting a sedentary lifestyle can accelerate these risk factors and cause balance to further decline. 

What’s one of the best ways to motivate yourself to be active and perform beneficial activities? Make it fun! At Rehab Access, we provide programs that can include fun balance exercises for seniors, administered by highly skilled clinicians who understand the motivational benefits of an enjoyable experience. 

How can balance exercises be fun?

When you work with a skilled and experienced therapist to develop a comprehensive balance training program, he or she can make exercises fun in the following key ways: 

  • Having a positive attitude — Some people may have a conception of physical therapists as hard-driving drill instructors. In fact, physical therapists, especially ours, are trained to be compassionate, understanding and upbeat. We understand that if you have rapport and enjoy your balance exercise sessions, you’ll want to stay at it.  
  • Making it a game — At their core, many balance exercises are not too dissimilar from fun games you used to play in gym class. From standing on one leg to touching your nose with your eyes closed, balance training has an inherent fun factor. 
  • Helping you measure progress — What’s more fun than winning? In a structured clinical setting, a professional therapist can help you measure your progress and show you how far you’ve come in a short time.


At Rehab Access, it’s all about personalized care for us. We know that if you like your therapist and are having fun at your sessions, it’s that much easier to achieve your wellness goals and improve your quality of life. 

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