Auto Injury

17 Jan, 2022

4 car crash injuries that won’t stymie a physical therapist

When it comes to recovery after a car accident, physical therapy is a great way to get back on your feet faster. Patients often don’t realize just how serious their injuries were until they don’t immediately begin to regain their ability to perform daily activities. Physical therapists can work on a variety of injuries caused

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15 Oct, 2021

Three ways car accident physical therapy can help you

Physical therapy probably isn’t the first thing that springs to your mind when you’ve had a car accident. That’s understandable. You’re having to deal with the police and any other drivers involved. You’ll have to call your insurance company. You may have to arrange a tow. Worst of all, you might be on your way

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2 Feb, 2020

Physical therapy after a car accident — how long should you go?

After a car accident, it is extremely important to seek immediate treatment. By being proactive about care, patients can jump-start the healing and recovery process and even lower the likelihood of pain and other symptoms worsening down the road. Physical therapy is a standard part of a comprehensive treatment plan, helping patients to regain functioning

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