21 Aug, 2019

Three factors that impact backpack safety

It’s that time of year again. You’re counting the days until your child heads back to school. However, before you put them on the bus, you’ll need to make sure they have everything they need for school, and this may include making sure they have the safest possible backpack. Here are three factors you should

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7 Aug, 2019

Relief for patients in Belle Chasse, LA, experiencing hip pain while walking up stairs

Hip pain can have a number of causes, including injury, fracture and arthritis, but they can all affect our ability to accomplish everyday tasks and have a normal activity level. One activity that many people with a hip condition complain about is pain while walking up the stairs. Climbing up and down stairs increases the

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6 Aug, 2019

What patients in Gretna, LA, can do for carpal tunnel pain

If you’re being affected by carpal tunnel syndrome, you know what a negative impact it can have on your productivity at work and at home. It can even have a larger impact on your quality of life, taking you away from favorite hobbies and making it harder to enjoy time with loved ones.  Carpal tunnel

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7 May, 2019

Treating ankle pain in Belle Chasse, LA

Ankle pain comes in many forms and can be traced to a broad range of causes. The ankle joint and bones are some of the most complex in the body and carry nearly the full weight and movement of the musculoskeletal system during any physical activity. Because of this, they are susceptible to pain due

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6 May, 2019

Treating hip pain with physical therapy in Gretna, LA

Hip pain is an often serious reality for many people, whether because of age, trauma, hip replacement surgery or some other cause. Levels of hip pain can vary from case to case just as the underlying cause of that pain can. It can be difficult to pinpoint and treat because of this. Fortunately, Rehab Access

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1 Mar, 2019

Neck pain treatment in Belle Chasse, LA

As most of us can agree, we’re accustomed to feeling neck pain eventually in life. Whether that comes from an injury, daily stress, bad posture, working on computers or simply sleeping on too high of a pillow, relief is something we all need. But, what can you do about your neck pain to ease suffering?

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2 Feb, 2019

Physical therapy near me in Belle Chasse, LA

Physical therapy has been shown to effectively treat many injuries and medical conditions. Whether these aches and pains are from old sports injuries resurfacing or from new strains or muscle tears, a personalized physical therapy plan can help you find relief. Our Rehab Access team offers physical therapy services that are second to none in

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1 Feb, 2019

Physical therapy near me in Gretna, LA

Whether you are an athlete or not, everyone is at risk of getting hurt, especially as we age. Pulled muscles and torn ligaments can come from sliding into base as well as from walking up a steep incline or twisting to grab something in the backseat of your car. Whatever the cause of your aches

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2 Jan, 2019

Sports therapy in Gretna, LA

You may not think it’s easy to find effective sports therapy in Gretna, Louisiana. However, there’s a physical therapy team right here in town that’s ready to help you with this kind of therapy. At Rehab Access, our team has been helping the residents of Gretna, Louisiana get the highest quality physical therapy for almost

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1 Jan, 2019

Physical therapy near me in Belle Chasse, LA

Have you ever asked yourself, “Where can I find great physical therapy near me?” If you have, there’s a team of great physical therapists right here in Belle Chasse, Louisiana that can help you. Our team at Rehab Access has been helping people in Belle Chasse, Louisiana get high-quality physical therapy since 1999. During that

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