Vestibular Therapy

6 Dec, 2021

What can physical therapy do for vertigo and dizziness after concussions?

Concussions are a type of traumatic brain injury (TBI), and the professional sports world has been especially intent on reducing concussions. Yet impact sports aren’t the most common cause of concussions for those of us who don’t play professional sports. Research shows that about 49% of the TBIs in 2017 were related to unintentional falls.

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21 Jun, 2021

Are there medical conditions that increase my fall risk?

The answer to this question is definitely yes. There are many medical conditions that can lead to an increase in your fall risk.  Falling down isn’t something that’s unknown to most people. Many people may not think of falling down as a big deal because it happens so often. However, falls can lead to some

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1 Mar, 2021

Three ways virtual physical therapy can help reduce your risk of falling

Older Americans have a much higher risk of falling, and many people may be especially concerned with this risk since so many of us are keeping to ourselves more right now. Fortunately, virtual physical therapy is an option that can help you become more stable.  Virtual physical therapy (PT) is a service that relies on

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6 Oct, 2020

Find stellar post-op rehab for seniors in Belle Chasse, LA

While doctors usually recommend it as a last resort, sometimes surgery is the right choice for helping someone with a painful condition or injury. However, surgery comes with some challenges that makes recovery long and difficult. Fortunately, physical therapists can help you improve the speed and quality of your recovery. At Rehab Access in Belle

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1 Feb, 2020

Finding vestibular rehabilitation near you

Chronic dizziness, or vertigo, can have a negative impact on almost every part of your life. In fact, it is one of the most common complaints among older patients. There can be a number of different causes, but one of the most common is an imbalance in the body’s vestibular system. Part of the inner

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4 Jan, 2020

What does vertigo feel like? Four common symptoms

We’ve all heard the term; maybe you’ve even seen it as a punchline on your favorite TV show, but vertigo is a very real condition that can seriously diminish your quality of life and functioning. If you’ve been experiencing dizzy spells and some difficulty balancing, you may be wondering whether vertigo is the cause. As

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2 Jan, 2020

Balance exercises for the elderly — three ways a physical therapist can make it fun

It’s just a fact of life that as we get older, many of our physical capabilities start to decline. While there’s no way for any of us to turn back the clock, it is possible to slow down the process by taking a proactive role in our health and wellness. A perfect example is to

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1 Nov, 2019

Three major benefits of balance training for seniors

Along with other faculties, decreased balance and stability are something we all have to deal with as part of the natural aging process. Contributors to this include weakening core muscles, increasingly brittle bones and connective tissue, and changes in our vestibular systems.  Because of this, falls and fractures become an increasingly large risk for the

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1 Oct, 2019

Four easy balance training exercises for seniors

One of the leading causes of injury in seniors is falling. As our bodies age, our bones can grow more brittle and our muscles, ligaments and tendons become more tense and prone to strains and sprains. As a senior, when you fall, you risk injuring these parts of your body. In worst-case scenarios, you could

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