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Fibromyalgia pain relief without drugs — four ways that physical therapy helps

February 4th, 2020
Fibromyalgia Pain Relief Without Drugs

Patients with fibromyalgia often turn to medication to help manage the often-constant debilitating pain that comes with this condition. However, there are many reasons why medication can cause problems for fibromyalgia patients, including drug tolerance, side effects and an inability to treat underlying symptoms. This is why so many people are eager to find fibromyalgia pain relief without drugs. 

By providing a natural approach to treatment, physical therapy can provide meaningful relief from fibromyalgia pain. While the underlying causes of fibromyalgia are still being understood, there are many contributing factors that a physical therapist can help address. 

How does physical therapy relieve fibromyalgia pain? 

Since fibromyalgia pain is primarily muscular in nature, physical therapists can help patients take steps to improve their functioning as well as relieve the stress that is placed on them regularly. Through a combination of strength and range-of-motion exercises, manual therapy and other targeted interventions, physical therapists can help fibromyalgia sufferers accomplish the following goals: 

  1. Decrease stiffness by improving flexibility
  2. Experience less fatigue by strengthening muscles
  3. Relieve pain through manual therapy 
  4. Improve posture and overall fitness


The right treatment program is different for everyone and can depend on factors such as how long you’ve been suffering, other health issues and your overall treatment goals. We’ll also be happy to discuss lifestyle changes that can promote increased health and diminished pain. This can include getting regular exercise, eating a healthy diet and taking steps to manage stress. 

Having a positive outcome for fibromyalgia pain relief is often highly dependent on a strong relationship between patient and provider. This is why it’s so important to find a physical therapist you feel confident with and who can provide personalized care. 

Fibromyalgia treatment at Rehab Access

The Rehab Access team understands the devastating impact that fibromyalgia pain can have on your quality of life. That’s why we’re so passionate about providing natural and holistic treatment that can help people get back to the people and activities that this condition can take them away from. 

To learn more and start your treatment journey with us, contact our team today. We’ll be happy to help you schedule your initial appointment at the location that’s right for you.