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Five signs of common sports injuries that mean it’s time to get help

October 4th, 2019
Signs of Common Sports Injuries

Athletes push their bodies to the limits while training and competing. As a result, their bodies are vulnerable to a number of minor and serious injuries. 

It’s important to know when to stop and seek treatment for an injury to maximize the quality and speed of your recovery. Take a look at the list here to learn the signs of common injuries so you know when to get help.

Five signs you may have a common sports injury

  1. Swelling — When your body is hurt or sick, it triggers signals for inflammation to develop, which is the buildup of white blood cells and other healing resources your body uses. A clear sign of inflammation is swelling, which means that your body thinks something is wrong. If you have swelling, you should stop and see if it goes down after some rest. If not, you may need to seek treatment for an injury.
  2. Pain and tenderness — It should go without saying that pain and tenderness may be signs of an injury. However, athletes push themselves hard and are no strangers to occasional pain and soreness.
    Listen to your body. If your pain is more severe than usual or if a part of your body is very tender and sensitive to touch, you may have an injury.
  3. Stiffness — If it’s painful or challenging to move a joint, it may have a number of injuries. Stiffness can be the result of a fracture, strain, sprain, tendinitis, bursitis and more. A medical professional can perform an examination to identify the cause of your stiffness.
  4. Weakness or buckling — If a joint like your ankle or knee feels like it’s buckling under weight, it may be injured. Additionally, weakness in your grip may indicate the sign of an injury to a joint in your hand or wrist.
  5. Numbness and tingling — Numbness and tingling typically develops if your nerves are irritated. This may happen as a result of an injury that’s putting pressure on your nerves. Numbness and tingling can occur temporarily after an impact, but if they linger or are more intense than usual, this may be the signs of an injury. 

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