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Have inside ankle pain? Physical therapists reveal 3 tips that can help you manage your pain while at work

February 18th, 2022
Inside Ankle Pain

Inside ankle pain, often known as medial ankle pain, can occur due to a number of causes. The ankles support the weight of the body and contain a complex system of muscles and tendons to help them move. Because of this, the ankle is more prone to injury than other areas of the body. Simply walking or even wearing the wrong kind of shoes can cause an ankle injury to occur, and the pain can make it difficult to perform normal day-to-day activities.

Going to work while experiencing ankle pain can make it difficult to perform well and can make the workday feel unpleasant. You may find yourself wishing it would be over sooner, even if you enjoy your work.

How can I manage my inside ankle pain while at work?

Inside ankle pain does not have to hold you back from performing your day-to-day activities. If your doctor has cleared you for work but you are still experiencing pain in your ankles, here are three tips that physical therapists recommend for getting through the workday:

  1. Stay active — While it may be tempting to avoid physical activity while your ankle hurts, not moving your ankles can result in muscle tightness, which may make your pain worse. A physical therapist can instruct you in low to moderate impact exercises you can do to prevent this.
  1. Rest often — It is important to take breaks when standing or walking for long periods of time. This helps reduce inflammation in your ankle. See if your workplace is willing to make accommodations to reduce how much walking or standing you have to do. This can help you avoid injuring your ankle further.
  1. Wear supportive footwear — Wearing shoes that properly support and cushion your feet are key. Improper footwear can increase the stress on your ankles, causing further inflammation and pain. This is especially important if your job requires you to be on your feet often.

Can physical therapy help with my inside ankle pain?

The best thing that you can do for your inside ankle pain is to locate the source of your pain, and work closely with trained physical therapy specialists to treat it. That is where Rehab Access Physical Therapy can help. A free screening at one of our clinics can help determine the cause of your inside ankle pain and will help us create a physical therapy plan that is perfectly suited to your needs.

Contact our team today for more information about treating ankle pain or to schedule an initial appointment.