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How can doing sports physical therapy in the winter help you prepare for your next sports season?

February 14th, 2022
Sports Physical Therapy

For many athletes, the coming of spring means that their favorite sports are just around the corner. While you may be ready to jump right back into the game, it’s important to make sure that your body is as ready to play as you are. Failure to prepare yourself for the rigors of sports after taking a break over the winter can result in injury. Sports injuries can vary greatly in their severity, from mild sprains to more serious injuries that can have lasting consequences.

Even during practice, unprepared athletes can find themselves becoming injured. In fact, roughly 62% of sports injuries are reported to happen during practice, rather than during competition. That is why keeping the body prepared before the season even starts is key to preventing injury.

How can sports physical therapy help me prepare for the coming sports season?

Physical therapy is important not only for treating and recovering from injury but also for preventing injuries from occurring in the first place. The benefits of including sports physical therapy in your pre-season training include:

  • Improving muscle strength and flexibility — Your physical therapist can guide you through therapeutic exercises to improve the flexibility in your muscles. These exercises also increase the flexibility of your tendons, which can be key to helping prevent injury.
  • Gait and balance training — Gait training is intended to correct posture and gait imbalances that might lead to injury. Your physical therapist can instruct you on ways to improve your balance and to prevent injuries from falling. This can also prevent foot pain and back pain from physical activity.
  • Pain management — You may have pain from an older injury, or are still healing from a recent one. Sports physical therapy can help prevent that pain from affecting your performance. Using specialized techniques such as dry needling in combination with exercise, your physical therapist can reduce your pain by treating it at the source.

Where can I turn for sports physical therapy to prepare for the next season?

Don’t wait until the spring sports season starts to get your body in good condition. At Rehab Access Physical Therapy, we can help you now. A free screening with one of our licensed physical therapy specialists can help us determine your individual needs, and craft a personalized physical therapy plan just for you.

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