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How can physical therapy treat chronic headaches?

May 4th, 2019
Chronic Headache Treatment

Headaches are reportedly experienced by about half of adults at least once per year. It is one of the more common pain-related symptoms. For most, these symptoms are occasional and short term. However, in some cases the pain associated with headaches is persistent. These cases fall into the category of headache disorders; a serious and often debilitating condition in which the headaches simply won’t go away or won’t stay away. The good news is that studies and work in the field show that chronic headache treatment can lead to a reduction in pain and, in some cases, prevention of future pain when conducted by trained physical therapists.

What does physical therapy treatment look like for headaches?

The first step a physical therapist will take in addressing chronic headaches is examining the patient to determine the likely causes of the pain. This can be associated with lifestyle factors such as occupational situation and health habits. It may also be associated with muscular and skeletal issues in your neck, back and shoulders. Depending on the specific cause, a professional like those at Rehab Access will then work to create a plan to address these specific issues. Specially designed exercises accompanied with skilled training will be key elements in the plan to help reduce symptoms of chronic head pain. An expert will then work with you to determine if there are any possible lifestyle changes that would be beneficial at home, work or play.

Rehab Access can handle your chronic headache treatment

Chronic headaches often are inappropriately diagnosed or go unnoticed by medical professionals as there is not typically an underlying disease causing the pain. A visit with a physical therapy expert may lead to steps a sufferer can take to ease their chronic headaches in a non-surgical way and without relying on medication. Rehab Access is experienced and ready to meet with you and begin work to reduce your pain today. Contact us today to schedule an initial appointment.