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How much protein is needed for weight loss

February 3rd, 2019
How Much Protein Is Needed for Weight Loss

You may not know how much protein is needed for weight loss or how important this nutrient is to losing weight. Fortunately, there’s a physical therapy team that may be able to help you find the information you need about protein.

At Rehab Access, we host the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program at our Belle Chasse clinic. This program works with you to determine the specific nutrients that your body needs for weight loss. It also trains you to eat for your body to maintain a healthy weight once you reach it.

Why you need to know how much protein is needed for weight loss

Knowing how much protein is needed for weight loss is one of the biggest battles for achieving long lasting weight loss. On average, a person needs 8 oz per day of protein for weight loss. There are many reasons we encourage you to know and understand this information.

For one thing, protein is vital to many of your basic bodily functions. Your body needs molecules like enzymes and neurotransmitters for even basic operations like breathing, and we can tell you that these molecules are all made up of various forms of protein. Also, our team knows many structures in your body are made of proteins. This includes structures such as muscles, tendons, organs and even your skin.

Another reason why you need to know the amount of protein you need to eat every day is that it may help speed up your weight loss. Protein helps you preserve and build lean muscle. Muscle is vital to fat loss because it allows you to burn more calories even when you’re resting. By increasing your protein intake, you can encourage your muscles to grow and may help them burn more calories throughout the day.

Join the Ideal Protein program in Belle Chasse, LA

While the amount of protein needed per day for healthy weight loss is about the same for every person, the amount of carbs and overall calories varies from person to person. The Ideal Protein program helps you determine the specific nutrients your body needs to reach your weight loss goals. In this program, you will work with a trained professional to measure your overall caloric intake and how that breaks down into carbs, protein and fats. These numbers will be specific to your body and weight loss goals.

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