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How to find home physical therapy in Gretna, Louisiana

December 2nd, 2018
home physical therapy

The physical therapists of Rehab Access in Gretna, Louisiana believe everyone should be able to benefit from physical therapy. Patients that are homebound or unable to secure travel may believe that physical therapy is out of their reach, but the compassionate therapists of Rehab Access are willing to help you reap the benefits of home therapy treatment.

Conditions we can treat from the home

Sometimes it just isn’t possible for a patient to come to the rehab facility after a serious injury or operation. You may not be medically cleared or at an elevated risk of infection. It is also possible you may be homebound and do not have the means to make it in. Whatever the reason, Rehab Access of Gretna, LA can help treat people from home with the following conditions:

  • Total hip or knee joint replacement
  • Stroke
  • General weakness
  • Post-hospitalization visits

In addition, the physical therapist is able to make recommendations to help the patient move around in their own home. This may involve identifying tripping or falling hazards, rearranging home layout to be ergonomic and help improve your level of function in the home.

Scheduling home physical therapy with Rehab Access

The physical therapists of Rehab Access are highly trained experts who will develop an individualized treatment plan for our homebound patients. We are able to bring the rehab to you if you are able to give it your all from home.

If you are considering home physical therapy, do yourself a favor and have clear and well-lit space to rehab in, as well as eliminate as many distractions as possible. This will ensure a positive rehab environment so that you can get the most out of your therapy sessions.

Our Gretna, Louisiana office opens at 8 a.m., Monday through Saturday, to better help patients who have busy schedules. We have been helping patients regain their quality of life through physical therapy since 1999 and are dedicated to the local community. If you believe that you could benefit from home physical therapy, then contact Rehab Access in Gretna, Louisiana today to schedule your initial consultation.