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How to make the most out of your home physical therapy

December 4th, 2018
Home Physical Therapy treatment

While there are a wider range of specialized treatment options at a rehabilitation facility, patients who are unable to travel can still benefit from home physical therapy. Many physical therapists are able to help patients recover from joint replacement or stroke even if they are homebound. However, there are some steps you can take that will help you get the most out of your home physical therapy treatment.

Set aside a dedicated space

You cook in the kitchen and brush your teeth in the bathroom, but where is your space for home physical therapy? For homebound patients, finding this space is important in order to have a positive therapy experience. A couple of tips for identifying a good spot for physical therapy are:

  • A space large enough for two people to move around comfortably
  • The area is well lit and well ventilated
  • There are no breakable or delicate items or furniture nearby
  • The room is clean and free of obstacles

Most people are not fortunate enough to have a whole room that can be dedicated to physical activity, but often a living room or den with some furniture rearranged will work well.

Eliminate the distractions

One of the most challenging aspects of home physical therapy is dealing with all the distractions that are available to us in the comfort of our own homes. Pets barking, phones ringing, guests in the house and the TV blaring your favorite program are all distractions that can take away from your rehabilitation.

Do yourself a favor and try to eliminate as many distractions as possible before beginning your home physical therapy session. Unplug as much as you can, relocate the pets to another room and remember to schedule guests for a different time of day. Your physical therapist wants to focus on you during therapy, and you should want to focus on you, too.

Home physical therapy with Rehab Access

Rehab Access believes that everyone should have access to physical therapy including homebound patients. Our physical therapists are willing to come to you to help you regain your quality of life. If you believe that you could benefit from home physical therapy, contact Rehab Access today to schedule your initial consultation and discuss your treatment options.