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Major benefits of aquatic pool therapy for patients in Gretna, LA

November 6th, 2019
Benefits of Aquatic Pool Therapy

Issues like serious injury, advancing age, joint degeneration and inflammatory diseases, among other problems, can make regular physical therapy difficult or even impossible. For many of these patients, aquatic therapy can be just the right form of treatment. By taking advantage of the natural therapeutic properties offered by water, physical therapists can offer a highly effective form of treatment. 

One of the biggest obstacles faced by people seeking this form of treatment is to find an aquatic therapy pool near them. At Rehab Access in Gretna, Louisiana, we’re proud to offer aquatic pool therapy delivered by our experienced and compassionate team. We want you to start your treatment with us on a confident and informed basis, which is why we’ve prepared this helpful guide. 

What are the benefits of finding an aquatic therapy pool? 

Although not all physical therapy practices offer access to pool-based therapy, finding one that does can be highly beneficial for your treatment plan for the following reasons: 

  • Puts less stress on joints and soft tissue — The inherent buoyancy of water can counter the effects of gravity on the body. Performing therapeutic exercises in the water can reduce the degree of stress on injured parts of the body without reducing the benefits gained from exercising.  
  • Offers natural resistance — While pool therapy does have less of an impact on your joints and soft tissue through buoyancy, it offers more resistance than air. This means properly performing therapeutic exercise in water can help strengthen important supporting muscles and joints. 
  • Relaxes the mind and body — Being immersed in water is often soothing and helps to relax muscles and de-stress the brain. Being in a calm mental and physical state is an easy-to-overlook aspect of the treatment process. 

No two patients and conditions are ever the same, which is why you deserve to seek out an aquatic pool therapy provider who can deliver individualized care. 

Find relief through aquatic therapy in Gretna, LA

From the moment you walk through our front doors to the moment you walk out, it is our mission to make you feel safe and comfortable while doing everything we can to understand your condition and work with you to find a solution. Pool therapy can be an essential aspect of an effective treatment plan for many injuries and conditions, and we’ll be glad to walk you through your options. 

Contact us today to learn more and to schedule your initial appointment.