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Neck pain treatment in Belle Chasse, LA

March 1st, 2019
Neck Pain

As most of us can agree, we’re accustomed to feeling neck pain eventually in life. Whether that comes from an injury, daily stress, bad posture, working on computers or simply sleeping on too high of a pillow, relief is something we all need. But, what can you do about your neck pain to ease suffering? Our physical therapist experts in Belle Chasse, Louisiana know just the ways to help patients resolve their pain quickly.

Most of the time, your neck pain is caused by tightened muscles. You should consider adopting a neck pain treatment if you suffer from the following:

  1. Limited mobility in the arms or shoulders
  2. Tenderness in the neck
  3. Clenched jaw
  4. Shooting, sharp pains in nearby areas
  5. Migraines and headaches triggered by a neck problem

If your pain won’t budge after a few weeks and is interfering with your activities and daily life, you should consider a physical therapy neck treatment plan. That is especially true if you previously suffered an injury, were in a car crash, if headaches come with the neck pain or if you have pain that spreads down into your limbs. These could be signs of more serious issues that might come from the spine itself.

Five Tips to Alleviate Neck Pain

Here are some tips to keep in mind while suffering from neck pain, both in the moment and as preventive measures.

  1. Use softer and lower pillows, which don’t keep your neck flexed during the night.
  2. Stretch regularly to prevent tightness.
  3. Sleep only on your back or side.
  4. Apply alternating ice and heat to the area to relieve inflammation in the tissue.
  5. Make sure to hold your phone at eye level and avoid looking down for prolonged periods of time.

Neck Pain Treatment in Belle Chasse, LA

Are you located near Belle Chasse? You’re just in luck! Schedule an evaluation with Rehab Access. We will examine your spine and evaluate your mobility, strength, movement and coordination. This will assist us in pinpointing why you’re having neck pain. After that, we will work closely with your physician to create a treatment plan.

Neck pain doesn’t have to control your daily functionality. Contact us today to learn more about our neck pain treatments in Belle Chasse or to schedule an initial appointment.