Success Stories

Rehab Access strives to provide the utmost excellence in physical therapy care to the members of our community. We take pride in the treatment of each and every patient. Below are testimonials from just some of our patients. We look forward to adding your story to our collection.


  • I attended Rehab Access on three different occasions; once, for additional therapy after first knee replacement; secondly, therapy after the second knee replacement; and thirdly, for a bad shoulder. Each time I was given wonderful care by every employee, there. Both my knees and my shoulder are fine now and working the way they should. I am 80 years old and I was treated with tender care and respect, but yet I was worked on until I was better. I highly recommend Rehab Access to people who need their type of services.

    Mabel T.

  • I’m an active musician. I play guitar and had a condition with my arms becoming numb while I was playing music, which is my livelihood. My doctor diagnosed me with carpal tunnel syndrome and referred me to Rehab Access. After 12 sessions, I’m back at it again, doing what I love best, playing the guitar PAIN FREE. Thank you Rehab Access.

    Johnny C.

  • When I first started physical therapy, I could hardly lift my shoulder. Even the easiest things seemed like insurmountable tasks. I was very worried that my ability to throw would be changed for the worst. It turns out that this injury was not so bad after all. In just a few short weeks, I was throwing a weighted ball at a trampoline. The next thing I knew, I was throwing a baseball from normal distances. In these 2 short months, I have increased my throwing distance by 100 ft. Not bad for a kid whose collarbone is hardly connected to his shoulder! After completing this program, I am confident that I will be 100% by the Spring baseball season.

    Chris C.

  • After 6 years of injections and two surgeries, it was a task to tie my own shoes. Frustrated and in pain with the inability to ride a bike, swim, walk in my neighborhood or engage in physical play with my daughter I called my doctor for advice. Having been diagnosed with advanced degenerative disc disease I could be injured just sleeping. Skeptically, I was given authorization to try therapy. For those of you out there with the same or similar very painful disease, DO NOT GIVE UP.

    I was very fortunate to have been referred to Rehab Access. My therapist immediately put me at ease with clear, concise communication and consistency with my therapy. I was never pushed beyond what my body could not tolerate and in the first few weeks often spent my entire session with my therapist gently getting my muscles to respond.

    After three months I am now riding my bike, swimming, walking, and playing in the yard PAIN FREE.

    I would like to thank the crew at Rehab Access for giving me a part of my life back that I was missing dearly. Your professionalism and courteousness made all the difference!

    Renee B.

  • The people at Rehab Access are great. When I first started therapy I had a history of falling because I did not have full control of my feet. They tend to act by themselves.

    After about 18 sessions with my therapist, I have been released and my feet and legs, as well as my back feel much stronger. Thanks to all of you for making life for this 92 year old a little easier.


    Emelda M.

  • I came to Rehab Access after a total knee replacement surgery. I had been in extreme pain and unable to bend my knee for over 4 years. I had put off surgery for so long. I was frightened not only of the surgery but of the physical therapy because of a bad previous experience. Because of delaying the surgery so many years I had to not only recover from knee surgery, but also from hamstring and back problems.

    From the minute I walked into Rehab Access and met the staff I knew this would not be a bad experience. Everyone was so kind and genuinely interested in your recovery. As therapy progressed I forgot my fears and actually looked forward to therapy days. Now thanks to everyone who worked with me I am back to normal activities like rising from a chair without help, going grocery shopping, walking up and down stairs, but best of all I don’t live everyday in pain.

    Thank you to everyone for helping me return to a normal life. I will tell anyone I now who may need therapy that there is only one place to go and that’s Rehab Access.

    Darnell C.

  • For many years I lived with a pain in my neck. The pain was in one specific area and often radiated into a headache, some days it was bad, often disabling. After trying to find a solution I resorted to prescribe pain medication. Encouraged by my husband, I tried physical therapy. After my first session the intense pain was completely gone. Follow up sessions have helped free the muscle and helped eliminate the headache caused by this problem.

    Ella May L.

  • On February 5, 2007, I had a torn rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder. After being in a sling for 6 weeks with arm strapped to my side I could not move my right arm at all. I was on pain pills every 4 hours and had to take sleeping pills. I was completely helpless. My wife had to drive me everywhere, dress me, and take care of my incision.

    After my first week of therapy, I was able to stop taking pain pills and sleeping medication, and able to dress myself. Now I am able to cut the grass, work in my wife’s flower garden, drive my car, and now back at work.

    The Rehab Access Staff got me through my rehab to where I am now. They were very knowledgeable about the type of physical therapy I needed. They were also very friendly, courteous, efficient to see if I did my therapy correctly, and encourage me every step of my recovery.

    My thanks to all the Rehab Access Staff!

    Jules C.

  • After many months of treatment for a heel spur my doctor referred me to have physical therapy. The pain kept me from walking proper. I had to wear special shoes so I could have some comfort in my foot when I walked. Within a few weeks of therapy I had no pain. Now I can walk, dance, and even run without pain. I thank everyone at Rehab Access for helping me, they were so kind.

    Doris R.