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Spinal stenosis treatment — natural remedies include physical therapy

April 6th, 2020
Spinal stenosis treatment natural remedies

Many forms of spinal stenosis treatment claim to be natural remedies, but not all of them are evidence-based practices. Spinal stenosis, or narrowing in the spinal column, is a common source of neck pain, back pain and related symptoms. Because of this, many people with spinal stenosis are eager to find relief for symptoms without becoming overly reliant on medication or having to resort to surgery. 

This is where physical therapy can help. Physical therapists use natural methods that seek to improve the basic functioning of the body. What’s more, physical therapy is based on sound evidence and is firmly based on established medical knowledge. By learning more about how it can be an effective spinal stenosis treatment using natural methods, you can make a more informed treatment decision. 

How physical therapists take a natural approach to spinal stenosis treatment

Physical therapists are experts in the structure and function of the human body, which makes them particularly qualified to identify the ways that spinal stenosis causes back pain and other issues. Any physical therapy program will begin with a thorough physical evaluation that includes a review of your medical and treatment history, questions about your specific symptoms and how they’re affecting your daily activities, and a hands-on physical evaluation. 

Using this information, your therapist can recommend natural treatments designed to improve functioning and range of motion. These can include:

  • Therapeutic exercise — Stronger supporting muscles can help better support the spine and reduce pressure on constricted nerves. Increased flexibility can improve comfortable range of motion. 
  • Manual therapies — Hands-on treatments can help relax tense muscles and improve blood flow. 
  • Posture and movement training — A physical therapist can help you learn techniques to better support your spine and move with less pain. 


Physical therapy can also involve lifestyle recommendations and education regarding staying active and practicing healthy eating habits. 

Spinal stenosis treatment expertise at Rehab Access

When you come to Rehab Access, our helpful and experienced therapists can help you develop a customized spinal stenosis treatment program using natural options. Spinal stenosis and related symptoms don’t have to run your life. Contact us to start your treatment journey by scheduling your initial appointment today.