9 Apr, 2018

Mabel T.

I went to Rehab Access for a number of injuries and received wonderful care each time!

3 Jan, 2017

Johnny C.

I was diagnosed me with carpal tunnel syndrome and referred me to Rehab Access. After 12 sessions, I’m back at it again, doing what I love best.

3 Jan, 2017

Chris C.

In these 2 short months, I have increased my throwing distance by 100 ft. Not bad for a kid whose collarbone is hardly connected to his shoulder!

3 Jan, 2017

Renee B.

After three months I am now riding my bike, swimming, walking, and playing in the yard PAIN FREE.

3 Jan, 2017

Emelda M.

After about 18 sessions with my therapist, I have been released and my feet and legs, as well as my back feel much stronger.

3 Jan, 2017

Darnell C.

From the minute I walked into Rehab Access and met the staff I knew this would not be a bad experience. Everyone was so kind and genuinely interested in your recovery.

3 Jan, 2017

Ella May L.

Encouraged by my husband, I tried physical therapy. After my first session the intense pain was completely gone.

3 Jan, 2017

Jules C.

After my first week of therapy, I was able to stop taking pain pills and sleeping medication, and able to dress myself.

3 Jan, 2017

Doris R.

Within a few weeks of therapy I had no pain. Now I can walk, dance, and even run without pain.