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Three advantages you can get from physical therapy after knee surgery

June 28th, 2021
Physical Therapy After Knee Surgery

There are many types of knee surgery out there, and they’re all used to help people whose knees are having difficulty healing. 

For instance, surgeries can be done to repair knee soft tissue or even to completely replace a joint eroded by arthritis. Knee surgeries are even relatively common in the U.S. One study on meniscus repair surgery reports that this procedure is performed on more than 465,000 Americans annually. 

If you have to have knee surgery, physical therapy after your procedure can offer many advantages. 

Three advantages of having physical therapy after knee surgery: 

  1. Faster return to playing sports — Many knee injuries that require surgery happen while people are playing sports. For instance, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears are common in athletes. Severe ACL tears also commonly require surgery. 

Physical therapists can help you redevelop the strength in knee supporting muscles following surgery. They can also help increase the flexibility of the recovering ACL and other soft tissue structures. As a result, you may be able to get back to playing your sport faster than if you hadn’t had physical therapy. 

  1. Getting back to work sooner — Your job can also be a source of a knee injury that requires surgery. Yet being out of work can lead to monetary hardship for your family. This is even true if you have excellent health care coverage. 

Physical therapists can help address a wide variety of work-related knee injuries. They can help boost your recovery after a surgery, too. One way they can do so is by helping you harden your knee for specific work activities like climbing ladders. 

  1. Reducing risk of future knee problems — Without expert help after surgery, you might not know if your knee has healed properly. Even a small bit of scar tissue can lead to knee problems and pain in the future. 

Physical therapists can help educate you about ways to avoid future knee problems. In addition, these medical specialists can help you address post-surgical issues, like scar tissue, that can trigger future problems. 

Rehab Access offers effective physical therapy after knee surgery

Ready to find effective physical therapy after your knee surgery? Our Rehab Access Physical Therapy team is prepared to assist you with your post-surgical rehab. We can do a free screening on your knee to determine what post-surgery issues you’re facing. Our physical therapists can then use this information to create a rehabilitation plan that fits your unique needs. 

Contact our team today for more information about our post-surgical rehab service or to schedule an initial appointment after your knee surgery.