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Three factors that make aquatic therapy great for knee pain

September 9th, 2019
Aquatic Therapy for the Knee

Joint injuries and arthritis are among the most common issues people deal with. If you live in or around Gretna, Louisiana, there’s aquatic therapy nearby that can help treat your knee pain. 

Aquatic therapy consists of many movements, stretches and exercises, and these take place in a heated pool. It’s also called aqua therapy or aquatic rehab. Due to the many benefits it can offer patients, this is a form of treatment that is becoming more commonly recommended. To help you learn more, we’re sharing three of the major advantages that aquatic therapy can offer patients with knee pain. 

1.   Aquatic therapy is low impact

Compared with therapy techniques done on dry ground, aquatic therapy can be much easier to do. This is because the water allows exercises to be done with less impact on the joints. The decreased impact is possible because of the buoyancy of water. This force partially counteracts the force of gravity, which means exercises place less strain on your body. Thus, strengthening exercises and stretches for your knee can be easier to do during aquatic rehab sessions. 

2.   Aquatic therapy provides increased stability

One issue that people typically deal with when they have a knee problem is decreased stability. This is because the knee is critical to your stability when standing or walking, and injuries or issues can make it harder to maintain normal stability. 

Aqua therapy can help you remain stable during your therapy sessions thanks to hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic pressure is the pressure you feel pushing against your body when you’re in the water. For people with knee issues, this pressure can help you feel more stable, and this can make you feel less anxious about falling during your therapy exercises. 

3.   Aquatic therapy helps improve your blood flow

The warm water used in pools for aquatic rehab are the reason it can help improve blood flow. The warmth causes blood vessels in and around the knee to expand. The expansion gives the blood more room to move, and this allows it to carry more oxygen and nutrients to your knee. In turn, the increase of these vital molecules may help decrease your recovery time. The warm water can also help decrease tension in the muscles that support the knee. 

Find out more about aquatic therapy for knee pain at the Rehab Access clinic in Gretna, LA

At Rehab Access in Gretna, our team has experience using aquatic therapy to treat many issues, including knee problems. However, this therapy technique may be only one of the methods included in your personalized treatment plan. Our treatment plan for your knee may also use therapy techniques like: 

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