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Three types of exercises to help people with arthritis

September 2nd, 2019
Three Types of Exercises to Help With Arthritis Pain

Although arthritis is not a curable condition, it is certainly a manageable one. And one of the best ways to help manage the aches, pains and stiffness that often come with this condition is with exercise. While the prospect of exercise may seem difficult to people who are living with arthritis symptoms, there are a wide range of benefits that exercise can offer. 

To help you learn more about the ways that exercise can be a highly effective part of an arthritis treatment plan, we’re sharing this practical overview. By understanding how certain types of exercises can help people with arthritis, you can be more engaged in your treatment as you work toward pain relief. 

Three commonly recommended exercises for people with arthritis

Physicians and physical therapists alike recommend the following types of exercises as part of a treatment plan for arthritis: 

  1. Strengthening exercises — Muscle atrophy is a big risk factor for arthritic patients due to increased inactivity. By performing targeted exercises to strengthen the muscles, patients can have better posture that helps to relieve pressure on inflamed joints. 
  2. Range-of-motion exercises  — While joint stiffness does make exercising uncomfortable, it’s another issue that can worsen due to inactivity. Regular exercise that promotes flexibility can mobilize the joints and make movement less painful. 
  3. Aerobic exercises — Aerobic exercises, such as walking or swimming, have a number of benefits. In addition to improving cardiovascular health, they can also help with weight management.

It is highly recommended for patients with arthritis to work with a physical therapist to learn how to safely perform the correct exercises for their condition and develop an effective treatment plan. Physical therapists can also perform manual therapies to help relax tense muscles, mobilize joints and increase blood flow to the area. 

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