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Three types of exercises to prevent tennis elbow

January 5th, 2020
Three Types of Exercises to Prevent Tennis Elbow

Like any other injury, there is no way to completely prevent tennis elbow. Even if you’ve never played a match of tennis in your life, this condition can still occur due to any repetitive motion that is performed with the elbow. In fact, tennis elbow is very common among physical jobs, including carpenters, plumbers and electricians. 

While total prevention is not possible, anyone can still significantly lower their risk of the condition developing or redeveloping. One of the most important ways is through exercise. While it may seem counterintuitive since physical activity is often the cause of tennis elbow, the right types of exercises can make your elbow more resilient. To ensure that the exercises you are performing are helping, and not exacerbating, your tennis elbow, working with a qualified physical therapist is important. 

What types of exercises are recommended to prevent tennis elbow?

Physical therapy to prevent tennis elbow typically involves a combination of exercises, manual therapies and other treatments that are designed to promote the body’s natural healing process and improve basic functioning in the elbow. 

Exercises play a key role in any physical therapy program, including these three basic types:

  1. Strengthening — The tendon inflammation at the root of tennis elbow can often be related to muscle imbalances. Therapists can help address this with targeted exercises.
  2. Range-of-motion — Tennis elbow can result in a limited range of motion that in turn leads to increased risk of redeveloping the condition. Range-of-motion exercises can help improve flexibility in the elbow. 
  3. Mechanical — A physical therapist can provide instruction on improvements to biomechanics that help reduce the motions that put stress on the elbow. Patients can learn these by repeating these mechanical exercises. 


Since no two people have the same structure and biomechanics, it’s important to work with a therapist who can understand your exact needs and develop a personalized tennis elbow prevention program. 

Tennis elbow treatment prevention plans for you

At Rehab Access, our caring and dedicated therapists are passionate about providing the one-on-one care you deserve. We’ve helped people of all ages and walks of life overcome injuries such as tennis elbow and maintain their health through long-term prevention strategies. 

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