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Three ways car accident physical therapy can help you

October 15th, 2021
Car Accident Physical Therapy

Physical therapy probably isn’t the first thing that springs to your mind when you’ve had a car accident. That’s understandable. You’re having to deal with the police and any other drivers involved. You’ll have to call your insurance company. You may have to arrange a tow. Worst of all, you might be on your way to the hospital with an injury. 

A physical therapist can’t help you with many of these stressors, but they can help you get effective physical therapy if you have a car accident injury. 

Car accident physical therapy can help you in these three ways

Physical therapy experts have many people seeking them out after a car accident. One reason for this is that nearly 2.8 million people were injured by car accidents in 2019. Another reason people sought physical therapy after a car accident is the many benefits this type of car can offer. Some benefits physical therapists can offer car crash injury sufferers are:

  1. Cutting their pain — Like any other type of injury, car accident injuries typically cause pain. Oddly, this pain may take some time to show up, but it can make it harder to work or do other daily activities when it does appear. For instance, many car accident victims develop neck pain when looking up from whiplash. Physical therapists can help stretch and strengthen injured muscles, which can help reduce the pain of whiplash and other injuries. 
  1. Speeding up their healing — Good blood flow is vital to speedy injury recovery. However, car accident injuries often lead to muscle tension and other symptoms that can restrict blood flow. The result can be an injury that heals slowly. Using techniques like aquatic therapy, physical therapists can help ease muscle tension and boost blood flow. As a result, your body has better access to the things it needs to heal rapidly. 
  1. Slashing their risk of chronic pain — Car accident injuries can turn into chronic issues if they aren’t treated effectively. For instance, one medical study estimates that up to 40% of whiplash sufferers still have their symptoms a year later. Physical therapy can help you stay out of this category. A whiplash patient study reports that a treatment plan that included physical therapy helped 81% of people avoid further medical treatment in the six months after their treatment ended. 

Rehab Access offers top-notch physical therapy to help you after a car accident

You may not know where to go for physical therapy after a car accident has left you injured. One team you can turn to is the physical therapists at Rehab Access Physical Therapy. Our team offers free screenings that can pinpoint the injury your car accident has caused. You’ll also find that our physical therapists can create a treatment plan for you that’s customized to your injury and recovery goals. 

Contact our team today for more information about how we can help you after a car accident or to schedule an initial appointment with us.