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Three ways virtual physical therapy can help reduce your risk of falling

March 1st, 2021
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Older Americans have a much higher risk of falling, and many people may be especially concerned with this risk since so many of us are keeping to ourselves more right now. Fortunately, virtual physical therapy is an option that can help you become more stable. 

Virtual physical therapy (PT) is a service that relies on technology. It typically involves having one-on-one sessions with a physical therapist via a secure online video link. Virtual PT sessions can help older people continue an ongoing treatment program for balance issues. Also, people who have recently developed balance issues can use virtual physical therapy to help decrease their fall risk

Virtual physical therapy can help people with balance issues in these three ways

Balance issues can be especially scary for people who have recently developed them. In addition, your fear may be increased if you’re not able to get help as easily. However, virtual physical therapy sessions can do a lot to reduce your fear and your fall risk. Some ways a physical therapist can help you with balance issues via virtual PT sessions include: 

  1. Diagnosing your balance issue — Knowing which issues are causing you to have difficulty balancing yourself is vital to treating it. A physical therapist can use a virtual PT session to determine what is causing your issues. 

For instance, they can observe your movements. These specialists can also ask you questions about your daily activities or symptoms you’ve noticed. Such information can allow them to pinpoint the root cause of your lack of balance. 

  1. Evaluating your home environment — Certain things in your home environment can increase your chances of falling. Virtual PT sessions can help your physical therapist identify issues that can do so, such as: 
  • Loose carpet edges
  • Cluttered rooms
  • Loose or uneven steps
  • Slippery throw rugs
  1. Initiating balance training — Virtual PT sessions also allow your physical therapist to build you a personalized balance training plan. Such plans can help improve your balance. Your plan can include: 
  • Strengthening exercises that focus on building strength in your legs and core. 

Find virtual physical therapy that can reduce your fall risk at Rehab Access

Seeking virtual physical therapy that can reduce your risk of falls? Our team at Rehab Access Physical Therapy offers helpful virtual PT to our patients. We’ve partnered with Agile Virtual Care to help people receive effective virtual PT for balance issues and many other conditions. 

In addition, virtual PT from Agile Virtual Care can offer you benefits like

  • The ability to work with the same physical therapist in every session. 
  • 60% faster scheduling than in-person visits.
  • A 47% cost savings per therapy session.

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