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Treating Cervicogenic Headache Pain at Rehab Access

September 24th, 2018
Cervicogenic headache

If you have experienced a cervicogenic headache, you may not even realize that it wasn’t a regular headache, or you may have believed it was a migraine. Headaches can happen for different reasons, so the pain that comes with them can be easily dismissed. However, cervicogenic headaches are a secondary headache, which means that they are caused by another illness or physical issue.

Cervicogenic headaches often have similar symptoms to a migraine, with pain in the neck and the back of the head. This type of headache is actually the result of a disorder or lesion within the cervical spine or soft tissue of the neck. Such disorders include tumors, fractures and arthritis.

If you are having cervicogenic headache pain, you might have a reduced range of motion in your neck, or you may experience worsening headaches with a specific movement or with applied pressure to a certain part of the neck. Patients describe cervicogenic headache pain as being on one side of the head and all the way down the neck into the back.

Treatment options with Rehab Access

If you are suffering from cervicogenic headache pain, you should be carefully assessed by your doctor while seeking treatment. You may undergo a nerve blocking procedure to confirm the diagnosis and also as part of the treatment plan. Pain management is an important step in finding relief.

Treatment plans for cervicogenic headache pain will target the cause of the pain. Below are several treatment options that might be possible for you here at Rehab Access:

  • Medicine – Aspirin or ibuprofen, muscle relaxers, and other pain relievers may ease the pain.
  • Physical therapy – Stretching and exercising can bring relief.
  • Spinal manipulation – This is a mix of therapy, massage and joint movement.
  • Non-traditional methods – Relaxation techniques such as deep breathing or yoga and acupuncture can help bring relief.

Our well-trained physical therapists can assess your needs and put together a treatment plan to help you find relief from your chronic pain.

Here at Rehab Access, we look forward to helping you find relief from your cervicogenic headache pain. If you would like to learn more about cervicogenic headaches and other physical therapy services we offer, contact our office today and schedule a consultation.