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Treating hip pain with physical therapy in Gretna, LA

May 6th, 2019
Hip Pain Treatment

Hip pain is an often serious reality for many people, whether because of age, trauma, hip replacement surgery or some other cause. Levels of hip pain can vary from case to case just as the underlying cause of that pain can. It can be difficult to pinpoint and treat because of this. Fortunately, Rehab Access has been providing physical therapy for hip pain in the Gretna, Louisiana, area for years. Rehab Access is a leading expert in a wide variety of treatments for hip pain. We work from the basic premise of treating the entire person as an individual and their pain as something individual to them. This leads us to work alongside patients to develop plans to reduce hip pain by means of tailored and specialized exercises and therapies.

How do you know if you should seek professional treatment?

The symptoms of hip pain which have been shown to be responsive to physical therapy are varied and include the following:

  • Burning sensations in or around the hip joint
  • Aching localized deep pain within the hip or groin area
  • Loss of feeling or tingling in legs
  • Lower back pain on one or both sides
  • Lack of mobility in the hip and legs

These symptoms as well as general aches and pains in the hip area can be reduced through physical therapy exercises which target to muscular and skeletal issues. Our highly trained and credentialed staff at Rehab Access will be able to determine through examination and consultation exactly what your specific pain could mean and how best to approach reducing it.

The hip is one of the most important and utilized joints in the human body. It is under almost constant pressure when sitting, walking or during strenuous labor as it makes up part of the core of the body. Key nerves also run directly through the hip area and can be involved in causing debilitating pain and discomfort in many.

Reach out to Rehab Access if you are having hip pain

The team at Rehab Access has seen these types of cases and many more. If you or someone you know is experiencing the symptoms discussed here or have any questions related to hip pain, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Contact our Gretna clinic today to schedule an initial appointment with our team of experts.