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Two benefits of virtual physical therapy

May 1st, 2020
virtual physical therapy

Virtual physical therapy allows patients to connect to their physical therapist through videoconference in order to complete a guided physical therapy session. There are several benefits to a virtual physical therapy session, even outside of our current social distancing situation. Whether you are unable to come into the clinic due to transportation issues or illness, or you are unable to receive hands-on physical therapy because of underlying medical conditions, virtual physical therapy can help you stay on track with your treatment goals.

Take a moment to read through these two benefits of choosing virtual physical therapy, and contact our team at Rehab Access Physical Therapy if you’d like to learn more about this new platform for treatment.

  1. Fewer canceled appointments The progress you make during your physical therapy treatment is largely related to the number and consistency of physical therapy appointments you complete. Each session is designed to move you closer to your recovery goals. But sometimes life gets in the way, and you are forced to cancel an appointment. Maybe you are having transportation issues or your child is home sick from school. Whatever the reason, choosing a virtual physical therapy option can help you stay on course for recovery even on the days when you would otherwise have to cancel an in-clinic visit.
  1. Less time out of your schedule — Many patients fit in their physical therapy appointments during the workday, but sometimes that can get interrupted by a meeting running late or other work interfering with the time it takes to drive to the clinic. Virtual physical therapy sessions are perfect for the days when you have just enough time to complete an appointment and not a minute more. It eliminates your commute to the clinic and allows you to keep your busy schedule without losing traction on your recovery goals.


Although virtual physical therapy is not hands-on like your appointments in the clinic, you will still receive guided instructions from your physical therapist and corrections on your form throughout the session. 

To learn more about the virtual therapy services we offer, contact our team at Rehab Access Physical Therapy today.