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Two reasons you need to consider post-surgical rehab

December 14th, 2018
Post-Surgical Rehab

Rehab Access has a team of physical therapists that can help you with many services, and one service we feel especially strongly about is post-surgical rehab. 

Our dedicated team has been offering physical therapy to people in the Belle Chasse and Gretna, Louisiana areas since 1999. Our mission is to help you get the best results possible from our therapy. We realize that to do this, your participation is vital, which is why we always ask you what your therapy goals are before we create your therapy plan. One time when goals are especially important is when you need post-surgical rehab.

Two reasons we recommend post-surgical rehab to you

After you have surgery, you’re likely facing a period of pain and recovery. You may be able to shorten this period with post-surgical rehab from the Rehab Access team. We can help our patients recover from many different types of surgery. For instance, we have helped many patients recover from hip and knee replacement surgery. We’ve also assisted people following surgery to repair torn ligaments and muscles. However, we can help you develop a post-surgery recovery plan for many types of surgery besides these two. 

We are such strong advocates of post-surgery physical therapy for many reasons. One reason is because this form of therapy may help to prevent muscle atrophy. Historically, doctors prescribed bed rest to patients following major surgery, and these rest periods often lasted for weeks. One problem that this long rest period led to was extreme weakness in the patient’s muscles. Today, doctors realize that getting you up and moving helps to prevent your muscles from atrophying. Our post-surgery recovery plans are designed to help you do just that, and we always include a personalized and gradually increasing level of activity in our plans. 

The risk of blood clots is another reason that the Rehab Access team advocates post-surgical therapy. This risk is also connected to long periods of bed rest, and it gets higher during such periods of rest because low activity levels make it harder for your body to circulate your blood. Our rehab professionals can help you lower the risk of blood clots. Our plans will help you get your blood pumping again even if you’re limited to performing exercises in bed at first. 

Are you interested in lining up post-surgical rehab before your surgery? The Rehab Access team is ready to help you. One way you can get yourself scheduled for rehab after your surgery is to come by our offices in Belle Chasse or Gretna, Louisiana, or you can contact our team online or by phone to set up your post-surgical rehab.