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Two ways home physical therapy can help you in Gretna, LA

December 17th, 2018
Home Physical Therapy

There are many medical conditions that home physical therapy may be able to help you with if you live in Gretna, Louisiana. For some patients, this form of physical therapy might be the only way you can access therapy at all. However, getting the best home therapy services near you is easier than you might think. 

Our team at Rehab Access is second to none when it comes to physical therapy in Gretna, Louisiana. All of us are dedicated to the idea that the patient’s goals for their therapy are our number one priority. This commitment doesn’t change even if you can’t make it into our office. In fact, we offer excellent home physical therapy services that may help you meet your therapy goals, too. 

Two conditions our home physical therapy service can help Gretna, LA residents with

At Rehab Access, our team does everything in our power to help you get the physical therapy you need, and our home physical therapy service is a shining example of this commitment. We created this service to help patients who find it difficult or even impossible to make it into our office. For instance, you may have poor immune system function due to your medical condition, or you might not be able to drive or get a ride to our office. It could also be that medical settings create a high level of anxiety for you. No matter the reason, our team can help you find home therapy that’ll work to meet your goals. 

We offer home therapy for many different medical conditions, but one of the common conditions patients have that we can treat at home is hip or knee replacement recovery. Knee or hip replacement surgery is very invasive, and this used to lead doctors to prescribe full bed rest for you after these types of surgery. However, these extensive periods of bed rest led to issues like blood clots and extreme muscle weakness. For these reasons, doctors now recommend that you get moving again as soon after surgery as possible. That’s where our home therapy team comes in. We can design a recovery plan for you that may have you back on your feet more rapidly than rest alone, and we’ll help you use this plan right in your very own home. 

Our team also offers home therapy to help you with fall prevention by identifying factors in your home that may cause you to fall. For instance, you may have a slippery rug on your kitchen floor, or you might have a living room that doesn’t have much natural light. Little issues like this may make slips and falls more likely, especially if you have a physical disability. Our team can help you find these types of fall hazards and also help you find ways to fix them. 

Are you interested in learning more about our home therapy service? The Rehab Access team is ready to help you find out everything you need to know. All you have to do is contact our Gretna, Louisiana office now to get all the information you need about our home physical therapy service.