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Undergoing physical therapy? Look for these signs of sciatica improving

December 5th, 2019
Signs of Sciatica Improving

Sciatica is a very hard condition to deal with. Compression or irritation of the long sciatic nerve that originates in the lower back and runs down both legs can result in pain, tingling, numbness and muscle weakness that disrupts nearly every aspect of your life. Causes for sciatica can include something as simple as a muscle strain to conditions such as arthritis or a herniated disc. 

The best treatment approach to sciatica depends on the underlying condition, but in almost any case, physical therapy can be effective. Whether it’s a lower back injury that can heal or something nonreversible like arthritis, working with a qualified physical therapist can help improve mobility and relieve symptoms. 

Signs that sciatica is improving when you undergo physical therapy 

After an initial assessment to determine the extent of your sciatica symptoms and to set realistic treatment goals, you and your therapist can work together to develop an effective treatment plan. Physical therapy for sciatica will typically consist of a combination of manual therapy and therapeutic exercise. While it can take some time to see results, by working consistently with your therapist, you can begin to see signs of progress, including: 

  • Less painful movements 
  • The ability to stand for longer periods of time
  • Not having to rely on aids, such as leaning on a shopping cart while walking
  • Better posture and stability
  • Less pain and stiffness in the morning 
  • More energy and motivation to be active

Everyone is different, and progress is always achieved at different levels. That’s why it’s critical to keep a positive attitude and consistently communicate with your physical therapist about the treatments that do and do not work. Sciatica can also be improved by sticking to a consistently healthy lifestyle that includes a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water, regular low-impact exercise, and avoiding smoking and excessive alcohol use. 

Work with experienced sciatica improvement professionals

The highly skilled team of physical therapists at Rehab Access are all trained and have extensive experience in treating sciatica. We work with each person on a one-on-one basis to craft a personalized treatment plan that is tailored to your specific diagnosis and your lifestyle. 

Ready to start your journey to sciatica relief? Contact one of our friendly representatives today and schedule your initial appointment.