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What is physical therapy?

May 5th, 2019
Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy—sometimes referred to as PT—is a specialized field of treatment for the reduction of pain or loss of physical function associated with a number of causes. It takes place in conjunction with other forms of medical care and has been shown by numerous studies to be an effective way to treat symptoms in a non-surgical or post-operative way using specially designed exercises, strengthening equipment and education. A trained and experienced team of experts like our professionals at Rehab Access knows that the treatment of an individual is a personal issue and requires a personal, individualized approach to be truly effective. We work with patients directly from initial appointment on through their rehabilitative process to set and meet their goals for pain reduction and to increase their ability to live a healthier life.

Who is physical therapy for?

Physical therapy is useful for people of all ages who are experiencing issues such as chronic back pain, persistent headaches, joint immobilization or acute pain elsewhere in the body. In addition to these issues, a specific instance where one may consider physical therapy is in the lead-up to or following a surgical operation. The strengthening gained from a specialized treatment plan can help provide stabilization and reduce recovery time after surgery. Recovering from athletic or other types of injuries as well as traumas from car accidents or falls are also reasons many reach out to physical therapy experts. In each of these situations, trained professionals can work out the details of what happened and what is needed in order to reduce pain, symptoms and recovery time.

What is the process of physical therapy?

If you choose to reach out to a physical therapy team for assistance, the first step they take will be to review your history including medical records, doctors’ notes and the relevant history related to any injuries you may be seeking assistance with. The team will also ask questions about your lifestyle and occupation to better understand any possible contributing factors to your particular concern. With this background information in hand, an individualized assessment and diagnosis can be considered. This will direct the specific exercises and treatment plans which are then developed uniquely for you and your situation. The physical therapy experts at Rehab Access will then collaborate with you for an agreed-upon period of time to make sure you begin to see results. Education for how to continue your treatment after therapy or to make changes in your regular lifestyle may also be a part of the physical therapy experience as the profession seeks to treat the whole person on an individual level.

Getting started with physical therapy

The path to exploring treatment of pain or injury begins by simply reaching out to a team of experts like the ones at Rehab Access. Contact us today to set up an initial appointment, and we can work together to see what your options may be.