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What to do after back surgery

January 6th, 2019
What to Do After Back Surgery

You may have your surgery all planned out and scheduled, but you may not have considered what to do after back surgery. Fortunately, there’s a physical therapy team that may be able to help you.

Rehab Access offers high-quality physical therapy in Belle Chasse and Gretna, Louisiana. Our team is committed to helping you get the healing you need for medical conditions, injuries and surgeries. One way that we show this commitment is by personalizing your therapy to your needs. The first step in creating your personal therapy plan will be talking to us. We’ll listen to all of the goals and concerns you have about physical therapy and your condition. Our second step will then be to use this information to build your therapy plan. One type of therapy plan that we may be able to help you build is one that helps you figure out what to do after back surgery.

Two things you should do after back surgery

Our Rehab Access team knows that it can be hard to figure out what to do after back surgery because there are an overwhelming number of things you’ll need to do. For instance, we know you’ll need to give yourself time to heal immediately after your surgery, but there are two things that we can help you with after this initial healing period is over.

First, we can help you focus on improving your posture. Our team knows that posture problems are one of the main reasons people develop back problems. For instance, you may have been one of the thousands of people who spent every day slumped over their desk before your surgery. It’s even likely that this caused you to need back surgery in the first place. Therefore, our team wants to help you find therapies to improve your posture so you can heal after surgery. These therapies may include special exercises and stretches along with ergonomic recommendations for your home and workplace.

Another post-back surgery item we can help you with is getting back to a healthy level of movement. We know that your pain and healing may keep your movement limited right after your surgery. However, it’s also vital that you get moving as much as possible, as soon as possible. Our team knows that even small doses of movement to get your blood flowing can be helpful after surgery. For instance, it may help reduce your risk of developing blood clots. This is why we’ll build you a therapy plan that gradually increases your level of activity after surgery. Your plan may start with light stretching, for instance, and gradually work up to low-impact exercises.

Our team knows that ensuring you focus on creating good posture and getting moving can both be helpful after your back surgery. However, there are many other things we can do at Rehab Access to help you figure out what to do after back surgery.

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