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Why turn to a physical therapist for help with chronic neck pain and headaches?

June 7th, 2021
Chronic Neck Pain and Headaches

You’ve been feeling neck pain and having headaches for months, so you seek help from a medical professional. This professional tells you something that you don’t expect. 

What they likely told you is that you have a neck problem that’s causing cervicogenic headaches, and you’re not the only person who is dealing with the chronic neck pain and headaches caused by this combo. One medical study reports that up to 20% of the headaches people suffer are cervicogenic headaches. 

A physical therapist is one medical professional you can turn to for help with chronic neck pain and headaches. There are many reasons why you can turn to these specialists for help. 

Three reasons to turn to a physical therapist for help with chronic neck pain and headaches:

  1. They can identify environmental factors — There are certain factors in your normal environment that could be contributing to your long-term neck pain and headaches. Some of the factors that your physical therapist can help you identify include things like:
  • Your computer monitor height.
  • The position of your television. 
  • How you hold your smartphone or tablet. 

These factors and more can lead to painful neck issues and headaches. If you don’t address them, you’re more likely to develop future issues, even if you seek treatment. 

  1. They can discover the neck issue you have — There are a range of neck problems that can trigger chronic neck pain and headaches. Herniated cervical discs are one of these issues. Another is a pinched nerve in your neck. Tight or injured neck muscles can also lead to these two symptoms. Physical therapists can examine your neck and determine what neck issue is at the root of your pain and headaches. 
  1. They offer personalized care — Physical therapists gather information about the environmental factors and the neck issue causing your pain for a reason. The reason is so they can use it to create a custom treatment plan for you. Everything from the techniques in your plan to the length of your treatment will be personalized to your needs. It’s this personalization that allows physical therapy to be effective for many different people. 

Find top-notch help for your chronic neck pain and headaches at Rehab Access

Tired of dealing with chronic neck pain and headaches? Our Rehab Access Physical Therapy team is ready and willing to help you address these symptoms and the neck problems that can cause them. We’ll start by doing a free screening on your neck. Then, our physical therapists will build you an individualized therapy plan designed to reduce your pain and prevent future neck issues. 

Contact our team today for more information about how we can assist with your neck pain and headaches or to schedule an initial appointment to start treating them.