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Why you should consult a physical therapist after a back injury at work

October 10th, 2021
Back Injury at Work

It’s not that long ago that going to work meant sitting down with your laptop at home. Yet more and more people are going back to work in professional settings, which can be good in many ways. However, going back to working on-site can also leave you open to a back injury at work. 

How common are back injuries at work?

Back injuries are a common issue people develop while at work. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that more than 1 million workers injure their backs while on the job. Injuries to this part of the body are so common that only the common cold leads to people taking more days off work. 

Unfortunately, the high number of work-related back injuries means that you’re likely to have one at some point. If you do, a physical therapist is ideally placed to help you. 

Why turn to a physical therapist for help with a back injury?

Not everyone will seek help from a physical therapist after developing a back injury; yet, it is a good idea. Physical therapists are trained to address musculoskeletal disorders, which includes back injuries. These medical professionals can also help you address a back problem before your pain becomes severe or chronic. In addition, a physical therapist can: 

  1. Identify which injury you have — There aren’t many people who can distinguish between the pain of a pulled muscle and sciatica. They just know that they are in pain. However, both of these issues are back problems you could develop at work. A physical therapist has the training and experience to pinpoint what problem you’re dealing with. They can even identify underlying issues that may have triggered your back problem. 
  1. Reduce your pain — Easing your pain is something that your physical therapist will work hard to do. One way they can reduce your pain is to create a program of strengthening and stabilization exercises for you. A medical study found that using such an exercise program led to a 30% decrease in lower back pain. 
  1. Teach you how to prevent future injuries — Physical therapists are also keen to help you avoid future back injuries. That’s why they tend to spend time during your appointments teaching you how to avoid such injuries. This training often takes the form of ergonomic recommendations for your workstation. It may also include things like: 
  • Showing you how to lift heavy objects safely. 
  • Demonstrating how to use back braces and other safety equipment. 
  • Helping you improve your body mechanics. 

Rehab Access can help you effectively address back injuries you develop at work

Eager to get help for a back injury you developed at work? Our Rehab Access Physical Therapy team is ready and willing to help you get the back pain treatment you need. We can start your recovery process with one of our free screenings. These are intended to give our physical therapists the chance to pinpoint the source of your back pain. Next, we can build you a physical therapy plan that’s unique to your injury and your recovery goals. 

Contact our team today for more information about our back pain treatment services or to schedule an initial appointment to start addressing your pain.