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1 Apr, 2024

Struggling with burning pain in your knee? These 3 PT treatments can help

Have burning pain in your knee? Knee pain is a common condition, as about 25% of adults experience knee pain.    Burning knee pain may make it difficult for you to walk and bend down to pick up objects. You may experience these difficulties because of a variety of issues; fortunately, there are physical therapy

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1 Mar, 2024

14 questions to ask prospective PT employers before joining their team

It’s natural to be curious and want to learn about a potential job opportunity as much as possible. Physical therapy employment opportunities are projected to increase by 15% by 2032. Job growth means more interviews and employment opportunities. Questions can come up in the interview process flow, but there may be others you want to

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1 Jun, 2023

7 benefits of aquatic therapy for chronic pain

We all know how enjoyable it can be to spend a day in the pool to deal with summer heat. But the pool can do more than just offer a way to cool down and have fun with your friends. It can also have many benefits that help the body alleviate aches and pains that

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