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Elbow pain when bending and straightening? How Gretna, LA, patients can find relief

February 6th, 2020
Elbow Pain When Bending and Straightening

Elbow pain that is most pronounced during bending and straightening is often associated with tennis elbow, but other causes can include arthritis, bursitis and fractures. For nearly any cause, physical therapy should be a key part of your treatment program. With a natural approach that is designed to increase functioning and injury resistance, physical therapy can help you overcome pain and get back to the activities you’re used to enjoying. 

At our clinic in beautiful Gretna, Louisiana, we have a team with decades of combined experience in treating the causes of elbow pain. By giving you a clear picture of how our therapists can work with you to identify and treat your pain, we want to help you take a more active and confident role in your care. 

A natural approach to elbow pain relief

When you first meet with a physical therapist, the first step will be a thorough evaluation to gain a clearer picture of the causes of your elbow pain. This process will usually consist of a review of your medical file, discussion of your symptoms and daily activities, and a physical examination with movement tests. With this information, your therapist can establish a baseline for symptoms and functioning to better gauge treatment goals. 

Individual treatment plans vary, but physical therapy for elbow pain will generally consist of a combination of: 

  • Manual therapy, such as joint and soft tissue mobilization
  • Biomechanical training to reduce stressful movements
  • Therapeutic exercises to strengthen and stabilize the elbow
  • Active and passive stresses to increase flexibility


By consistently working with a therapist, patients can shorten their healing time, improve range of motion, and get back to the work and leisure activities they’ve been missing out on. 

Start your journey to elbow pain relief today

At our Gretna clinic, we’re committed to delivering a higher level of patient-centered care. While elbow pain can be frustrating to live with, it is possible to find relief. Our therapists will help you develop a highly individualized therapy program that is customized for your needs and lifestyle. 

Contact us today to learn more and schedule your initial appointment with our team.