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What to expect from your physical therapy clinic in Gretna, LA

October 4th, 2020
What Is Physical Therapy?

In today’s digital age, access to the latest information and treatments is expected by everyone who is looking for treatment. The difference then becomes the patient experience and how they are welcomed into their treatment program. 

When you’re suffering from aches and pains or a sudden injury, you deserve the best to help you recover. At Rehab Access in Gretna, Louisiana, we strive to provide high-quality services to help you get the treatment you deserve.

Open on the weekend to serve you

It’s important to have access to a physical therapy clinic on the weekend. After all, patients can have busy and unpredictable schedules. Sometimes it can be difficult to schedule an appointment during the week in between work, school, family or other commitments you may have. This is why the Gretna Rehab Access clinic is open every Saturday to see patients and answer questions.

Knowledgeable office staff

Physical therapists need to focus on their patients and their continuing education to keep providing high-quality treatment services. However, they cannot do it without a knowledgeable office staff to help you book your appointments and deal with other office-related information. 

At Rehab Access, our support staff is second to none. We are more than happy to help you navigate scheduling appointments and working with your insurance. Navigating the world of insurance can be a tangled web of paperwork, prior authorizations and waiting on hold for the next representative.

To help reduce some of this headache, Gretna Rehab Access location employs an insurance and billing specialist with decades of experience to help you.

Committed to the local community

You know you can count on a physical therapy clinic when they’re invested in their local community. This shows a level of care that goes beyond and above what is expected of them, and is a good sign for the quality of treatment and care you’ll receive during treatment.

Owned by a local physical therapist, Rehab Access in Gretna is committed to serving the local community. Since 1999, we have been providing outstanding customer service and the highest quality of patient care.

As a patient, you deserve to be heard and consulted with so that we can create a customized treatment plan. One-on-one attention helps keep the focus on the patient so you can achieve the best possible results.

Happy patients tend to be motivated patients and have a higher chance of regaining their quality of life. At the Gretna Rehab Access clinic, improving the quality of life for a patient is one of the joys of the profession.

Visit Rehab Access for help treating your aches and pains

Are you tired of living with pain and stiffness that limit your ability to enjoy a normal daily life? Our team is here to help you manage your pain and improve your range of motion. Contact our team today for more information about physical therapy or to schedule an initial appointment.