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Physical therapy after surgery

February 4th, 2019
Physical Therapy After Surgery

Physical therapy after surgery is one of the most effective methods for a healthy recovery. This type of therapy can help restore movement and strength to the muscles and ligaments after surgery, helping you to maximize your physical abilities during recovery.

At Rehab Access, we offer personalized physical therapy after surgery for a number of patients. We work with you to identify your recovery goals, and then we create a step-by-step, attainable physical therapy plan to help restore your quality of life after surgery. We promise to walk with you every step of the way, making adjustments as necessary so you can get the most out of your recovery.

One reason physical therapy after surgery is beneficial

Physical therapy after surgery is beneficial for you because it can help to limit the amount of muscle atrophy you experience after surgery. It may also help to reduce your wound inflammation after knee and hip replacements, as well as help prevent post-surgery blood clots from forming in your body.

Additionally, physical therapy after surgery can help to improve the strength of your ligaments and muscles, and ensure that they are healing correctly. Many procedures require the muscles and soft tissue around the incision site to be cut. Without the proper healing after surgery, these ligaments and muscles may develop scar tissue and lose some of their strength. A personalized physical therapy plan after surgery will target these areas to help you regain strength and mobility, especially at the surgery site.

Some of the focuses of our post-surgery physical therapy include:

  •      Stroke recovery
  •      General weakness
  •      Fall prevention
  •      Difficulty walking

Contact our team today for more information about our physical therapy services for after surgery or to schedule an initial consultation. We can help you recover safely from surgery and regain the mobility you have missed in your life. Maximize the benefits of your surgery by using physical therapy during your recovery period.