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Three Signs That You May Need Sports Injury Treatment

October 12th, 2018
sports injury treatment

Being sidelined from your favorite past time to seek sports injury treatment is a major bummer. You may be tempted to ignore the pain and try and play through it. After all, you are probably not a professional athlete. However, the risk of injury is present in any sport and is often higher among weekend warriors whose form may not be picture perfect. The body has a remarkable ability to heal itself, but there are a few signs that indicate you should think about physical therapy or other sports injury treatment options.

Acute pain that won’t bear weight

This may seem like a no-brainer, but some people will try to walk off a sprained ankle or knee that will not hold their weight. Though it may just seem like a severe sprain, there is a possibility of ligament damage that may not heal properly without physical therapy. These damaged ligaments may end up forming scar tissue that can cause pain and limit range of movement.

Pain that doesn’t go away or slowly gets worse

It could start out as a twinge that you may sometimes feel on your swing. The discomfort starts intermittently but progresses into a dull thrum in the background. As the weeks pass, the pain slowly builds, and before you know it, you are on the shelf from your favorite sport due to the problem. These conditions tend to develop from sports with lots of repetitive motions. Tennis elbow develops in tennis players, swimmers can develop shoulder pain, and golfers can suffer from worsening back pain all due to the repetitive nature of their sports. If your pain continues even after you have stopped playing, it may be time to seek sports injury treatment.

Tingling or numbness

Tingling or numbness can manifest itself after almost any injury. A violent football collision can result in a neck stinger that can cause a pins and needles sensation down the body, just as an awkward fall can result in a burning needles sensation in the leg. This is a serious symptom because tingling or numbness can indicate nerve damage. Untreated nerve damage can result in permanent muscle weakness or the loss of sensation in the area. If you feel the pins and needles sensation from an injury, it is worth checking out sports injury treatment options to be safe.

Injuries are an inherent risk in sports, and it is not if, but when you get injured and what you do about it that can make all the difference in continuing to play the sports you love at your best level. If you or someone you know is considering sports injury treatment options to help regain their quality of life, contact us today to set up your initial appointment.