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Avoid these three exercises if you have hip pain

November 5th, 2019
5 Top Hip Pain Exercises That You Should Be Using | Rehab Access

For patients who are dealing with hip pain, it’s important to understand that exercise is your friend. No matter if you have arthritis, bursitis or a strained hip flexor, performing the right exercises can help stabilize and improve range of motion for this all-important joint. With the guidance of a qualified physical therapist, following through on a targeted exercise plan can go a long way toward helping you manage hip pain. 

However, not all hip pain exercises are created equal. Certain exercises, particularly anything high impact or involving extreme ranges of motion, can actually have a negative impact on a hip injury. By understanding what exercises to avoid and how physical therapy can help, you can take a proactive role in your treatment and lower the risk of worsening your hip pain. 

Avoiding these exercises is recommended as you work to overcome hip pain

Because of the added stress these exercises place on your hips, health care professionals typically recommend avoiding: 

  1. Running While running is a great form of exercise for burning calories and relieving stress, it can put increased strain on the hips. If you enjoy running, substitute with another form of aerobic exercise while you recover from hip pain. When you do return, focus on proper running form and wearing running shoes and/or orthotic insoles that minimize stress on the hips.
  2. Heavy Weight Lifting — While strengthening exercises can be highly beneficial to the hips, exercising with an excessive amount of weight can have a detrimental effect on injured hips. Instead, work with a physical therapist to develop a strengthening plan that involves either your own body weight or an appropriate amount of weight for your current physical condition. 
  3. CrossFit — Although many fitness enthusiasts swear by it, CrossFit is simply too high an impact activity to recommend for patients with hip pain. The rapid movements and extreme ranges of motion have too much potential to worsen hip pain. Better alternatives include yoga and Pilates, which are lower impact, have gentler ranges of motion and focus on developing hip stability. 

The right physical therapist can help you develop an effective treatment plan for hip pain that works to promote hip health and a return to an active lifestyle.

How Rehab Access can help you find hip pain relief

When you come to Rehab Access, we’ll work with you one-on-one to assess the sources of your pain and create a targeted treatment plan to get you back to the active lifestyle you’ve been missing. Don’t let hip pain keep you from doing what you love. Contact us today to schedule your initial appointment with one of our caring representatives.