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Can neck pain cause headaches? What can you do about it?

November 4th, 2020
can neck pain cause headaches

The short answer to the question “Can neck pain cause headaches?” is yes. However, we suspect you want to know more.

You want to know not only how neck pain can cause your headaches. You want to know what causes it and how you can treat and prevent it.

How does neck pain cause headaches?

Your neck bears the important responsibility of supporting the weight off your head and guiding your head in looking in multiple different directions. This is possible thanks to the work of several muscles, tendons, ligaments and your spine. When one or more of these parts in your neck are injured or subject to irritation, inflammation or a chronic condition, it can affect your entire neck and even your head.

Neck pain often causes an increase of pressure on the nerves running through your spine. This pressure on the nerves is irritating and leads to pain that can spread from your neck into your head since it is in such close proximity with the affected areas of your neck. This pressure directly corresponds to the development of headaches known as cervicogenic headaches.

Treating neck pain and headaches

Treatments for neck pain and headaches vary depending on the cause and severity of your pain. In many circumstances, physical therapy can help reduce and prevent neck pain and headaches.

Physical therapy treatments look different for everyone, but in general, you can expect physical therapy for your neck pain and headaches to include:

  • Mild stretches
  • Gentle exercises
  • Soft tissue mobilization techniques
  • Joint mobilization techniques
  • Posture guidance
  • Nutrition information
  • Patient education and more

Visit Rehab Access for neck pain and headache treatment

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