Elbow Pain

27 Dec, 2021

4 types of elbow injuries you could develop at work

The work you do can be hard on your elbows. You might work on an assembly line, or you might work at a desk. In either case, the odds are good that you’re doing things that can lead to many types of elbow injuries.  Think about how much you move your elbows while at work;

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6 Feb, 2021

Top three causes of elbow pain when extending your arm

Extending your arm is a movement you make every day, and you probably don’t think much about it until you start to feel pain in your elbow when extending your arm. Fortunately, you can turn to a physical therapist for help with treating your painful elbow.  Elbow pain is far less common than shoulder, neck

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4 Feb, 2021

This is most likely causing your elbow nerve pain

Elbow nerve pain can make many of your normal daily movements more difficult. Bending your elbow to bring your coffee to your lips might cause you pain, and extending the affected elbow to grasp a doorknob could also trigger pain.  There is one issue specifically that’s the most likely source of your elbow nerve pain,

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6 Nov, 2020

Three physical therapy treatments for tennis elbow

Do you have elbow pain running along the outside of your elbow and into your forearm? Although this type of pain is commonly known as tennis elbow, don’t let the name fool you. Tennis elbow, also known as lateral epicondylitis, is a condition that can affect anyone who makes repetitive wrist and arm motions.  Tennis

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6 Feb, 2020

Elbow pain when bending and straightening? How Gretna, LA, patients can find relief

Elbow pain that is most pronounced during bending and straightening is often associated with tennis elbow, but other causes can include arthritis, bursitis and fractures. For nearly any cause, physical therapy should be a key part of your treatment program. With a natural approach that is designed to increase functioning and injury resistance, physical therapy

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5 Jan, 2020

Three types of exercises to prevent tennis elbow

Like any other injury, there is no way to completely prevent tennis elbow. Even if you’ve never played a match of tennis in your life, this condition can still occur due to any repetitive motion that is performed with the elbow. In fact, tennis elbow is very common among physical jobs, including carpenters, plumbers and

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2 Aug, 2019

Three ways that exercises help to avoid tennis elbow

Whether you develop it from actually playing tennis, or due to similar arm movements from activities like painting or plumbing, tennis elbow can be a painful and frustrating condition to deal with. If you’ve had this injury in the past and worked to recover from it, then it is highly likely that avoiding reinjury is

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3 Jun, 2019

What to do when you need tennis elbow treatment

Many athletes have experienced an injury called tennis elbow. However, you may not be aware of what this condition is or what its symptoms are. A physical therapist can help you find out more about this condition, and they can also help you get a variety of benefits from your tennis elbow treatment plan. What

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