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19 Apr, 2021

Can you elevate an injury too much?

It is possible that you can elevate an injury too much. For instance, you can physically raise the injured body part too high. You can also elevate your injury for too much time every day. Physical therapists can help you determine the appropriate elevation height, and they can help you learn how long to elevate

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4 Oct, 2020

What to expect from your physical therapy clinic in Gretna, LA

In today’s digital age, access to the latest information and treatments is expected by everyone who is looking for treatment. The difference then becomes the patient experience and how they are welcomed into their treatment program.  When you’re suffering from aches and pains or a sudden injury, you deserve the best to help you recover.

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7 Sep, 2020

Three simple ways to add more cardio to your daily life

You probably hear it all the time. “You need to work more on your cardio.” Well, it’s true. You probably do. However, if you hate exercising or feel like you don’t have the time, you may be wondering what you can do. Fortunately, you don’t need to go to the gym to squeeze in cardio

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4 Sep, 2020

Five foods to include in your diet that help fight inflammation

Everyone experiences a little pain in life, but some people suffer from long-lasting aches and stiffness that seems to never go away. One of the main causes of long-lasting pain like this is inflammation. Inflammation is your body’s way of responding to a perceived threat, such as an injury or a chronic illness. However, inflammation

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3 Sep, 2020

Three tips to help prevent pain as you grow older

Growing older is a blessing, but it comes with new challenges that you have to learn how to overcome to continue living the lifestyle you enjoy. Your muscles may grow tired more easily. Your joints may feel sore all day. It can be easily discouraging to do anything you enjoy because of these symptoms, but

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1 Sep, 2020

How the food you eat can contribute to your pain

Do you have long-lasting pain and stiffness that seems to never go away? This makes it difficult for you to enjoy your daily life or get your work done. Pain can occur for a number of different reasons, but usually, it has something to do with inflammation in your body. Inflammation is your body’s way

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6 Jul, 2020

Six amazing benefits of stretching and how they can help you

Everyone knows that exercise is a part of healthy living, but do you consider a stretching routine part of your exercise program? Or is it an afterthought that gets done if time permits?  Since no one ever has enough time, you may want to reconsider how you view stretching. One reason to reconsider it is

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4 Apr, 2020

Discover the most common causes of falls among the elderly and how to avoid them

According to the CDC, more than 25% of people over the age of 65 suffer from a fall each year. This is such a serious concern because, among older patients, falls can cause seriously debilitating injuries that include fractures and head trauma. Falling once can double your chances of falling again, leading to even more

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7 Jan, 2020

Four tips for living with arthritis in the back to help Gretna, LA, patients find relief

Arthritis can affect nearly any joint in our body, including the large number of joints found in the spine. To allow for basic flexibility and movement, the individual vertebrae in the spine are connected by sets of facet joints. Due to the tremendous stress we place on our spines every day, combined with age-related changes,

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5 Jan, 2020

Three types of exercises to prevent tennis elbow

Like any other injury, there is no way to completely prevent tennis elbow. Even if you’ve never played a match of tennis in your life, this condition can still occur due to any repetitive motion that is performed with the elbow. In fact, tennis elbow is very common among physical jobs, including carpenters, plumbers and

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