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20 Jan, 2019

5 Ways Physical Therapy Can Put the Spring Back in Your Step!

Do you currently have an acute or chronic pain condition affecting your daily life? Maybe you’re struggling with back pain, a sports injury or impairments following an auto accident. Perhaps you have someone in your family who is experiencing pain and dysfunction. Whatever you or your loved ones are facing, we encourage you to contact

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10 Jan, 2019

Getting to the Root of the Problem! Don’t Mask the Symptoms With Meds

Chronic pain and other types of pain can put a dent in your lifestyle. If you’re suffering from pain, be sure to give our office a call to learn how our physical therapists can get you on the path to a pain-free life. Don’t make the mistake of relying on meds, as meds only mask

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16 Dec, 2018

Protein weight loss tools for Belle Chasse, LA residents

You may have never heard of protein weight loss. But, it’s an effective system that focuses on renewing your overall health. The best part is this system is available close by in the Belle Chasse, Louisiana area.  The team at the Belle Chasse, Louisiana office of Rehab Access is proud to offer protein weight loss

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12 Dec, 2018

Two reasons rehab access offers home physical therapy

Home physical therapy isn’t something that every physical therapy practice offers. However, this service can be helpful to patients for a variety of reasons, which is why you’ll find a physical therapy team that offers in-home therapy in Belle Chasse and Gretna, Louisiana.  The Rehab Access staff has been providing high-quality physical therapy services in

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11 Dec, 2018

Protein weight loss may help you avoid obesity complications

Protein weight loss is a physical therapy program that may help you in several ways. For instance, it may help you avoid many of the complications obesity causes. However, only the best physical therapy team can help you get into a program like this. At Rehab Access, our team has been proudly serving the people

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10 Nov, 2018

5 Reasons Why You Need to Start Stretching

If there’s one thing that you can count on a Rehab Access physical therapist introducing into every session, it’s stretching. Yes, building strength and endurance is important. But whether you’re an athlete, or someone coping with the aches and pains of aging, increasing your flexibility through stretching is crucial. Read on to learn more about

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20 Oct, 2018

3 Sneaky Ways to Incorporate Cardio for the Cardio Haters

One of the most common issues that people mention when they come for physical therapy at Rehab Access is that they just don’t have enough time for cardio workouts due to their busy lives. Sometimes, it’s not only a time issue but also a matter of simply hating cardio in the first place. By working

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8 Oct, 2018

Is Home Physical Therapy Right for Me?

There is nothing like the comfort of your own home, and some patients feel that way about rehab at home physical therapy. The facilities and equipment at Rehab Access are second to none, but for homebound patients that may not be an option. For patients who are considering whether home physical therapy is right for

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5 Oct, 2018

How to Survive and Thrive in the First Week of Ideal Protein Weight Loss

Protein weight loss is a proven effective method to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight. In this program, the amount of carbohydrates the body consumes is reduced to a level necessary to continue normal body function. The goal is to have the body enter ketosis which means the body is burning fat reserves for

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1 Oct, 2018

Have a Positive Patient Experience at Gretna Rehab Access

In today’s digital age, access to the latest information and treatments is expected. The difference then becomes the patient experience and how they are welcomed into their treatment program. The staff at Rehab Access in Gretna understand this. We strive to create a positive patient experience with a variety of services designed with you in

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