Hip Pain

10 May, 2021

Three sports injuries that can lead to both lower back and hip pain

Dealing with minor aches and pains is something that many athletes take for granted. However, some athletes may develop moderate to severe lower back and hip pain, and these forms of pain are often caused by specific sports injuries.  It’s not uncommon for U.S. athletes to experience an aching lower back or hip. One medical

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5 Apr, 2021

What’s causing me hip pain when I’m sleeping on either side?

Are you experiencing hip pain when sleeping on either side of your body? Working with a physical therapist can help you determine the source of your pain.  Hip pain is a common problem for Americans. One medical survey reports that more than 19% of the people who responded had hip pain. The survey also reveals

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5 Feb, 2021

What can help me recover from hip replacement surgery faster?

There are many ways that this question can be answered. In fact, the answer often varies from patient to patient. However, having as much information as possible about the recovery process can help you after your hip replacement surgery.  If you’re about to have a hip replacement surgery, you aren’t alone. It’s reported that about

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6 Dec, 2020

Why are my hips so stiff after sitting?

Do you always feel like your hips are stiff after sitting? Turns out, this is a pretty common experience. Sitting for a long time can affect your back, hips, knees and other parts of your body. Join us as we explore why your hips may be stiff after sitting, and find out how physical therapy

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7 Nov, 2020

How physical therapy for hip arthritis can help you get through your day

Have you recently been diagnosed with hip arthritis? It can be discouraging to be told you have hip arthritis, because there is no cure for this condition. However, there are treatments that can help manage the pain and stiffness and improve your quality of life. Treatments for hip arthritis vary depending on the severity of

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