Knee Pain

6 Jul, 2023

4 treatments & 3 tips for golf-related knee pain

Although golf can seem like a low energy output sport, it still requires the same precautions and preparations as all other sports. In golfing, you use your entire body in an athletic stance to precisely aim that golf ball. So it is important to know how to prevent injury or pain before playing golf.  Your

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20 Dec, 2021

Knee hurting when you’re going down stairs? One of these issues could be the reason why

We’re often encouraged to take the stairs more often. Generally, walking up and down stairs helps us pack more physical activity into our day, yet going down stairs can also be an activity that causes some people’s knees to hurt.  Fortunately, physical therapy can help you address many of the issues that can cause your

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13 Dec, 2021

Why am I developing pain at the back of my knee every time I go cycling?

You’re riding along on your bicycle with your knees pumping. Gradually, you begin to feel pain creep into the back of your knee. Or maybe the pain you feel at the back of your knee comes on suddenly during your cycling sessions. Either way, you’re experiencing a type of pain that nearly 28% of recreational

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14 Oct, 2021

Four injury types can make descending stairs a painful exercise

Have you stopped to consider how often you are climbing and going down stairs every day? You probably haven’t, and that’s not surprising. Many people don’t think much about such a common daily activity. At least, they don’t until such an activity becomes harder or more painful to do.  People who are feeling pain when

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10 Sep, 2021

Physical therapy after a knee replacement may not take as long as you think

So, you’ve decided to have a total knee replacement, and there are many things you’re looking forward to. Being able to move your knee more. Being able to move around with less pain. However, you may not be looking forward to how long physical therapy and other recovery steps will take after your knee replacement. 

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6 Sep, 2021

What steps can a physical therapist take to find out why you feel knee pain when walking?

Ever since you learned to walk, you’ve been putting one foot in front of the other without thinking about it much. However, the seemingly simple task of walking can become a challenge when you have knee pain when doing so.  If you do feel knee pain when walking, you’re a member of a pretty large

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9 Aug, 2021

Three tips that can help supercharge your knee sprain recovery

Anytime you change direction or stop suddenly, you’re at risk of spraining one of the ligaments in your knee. You’re more likely to end up searching for knee sprain recovery if you play sports. People with physical jobs also have a greater risk of a knee sprain.  Knee sprains are most common in the anterior

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2 Aug, 2021

What steps can physical therapists take to treat sharp knee pain when going down stairs?

Going up and down stairs is a good way to improve your fitness in just a few minutes every day. However, this relatively simple task can be much tougher if you’re feeling sharp knee pain when going down stairs.  Knee pain is a common scourge among American adults. In 2012, a medical survey found that

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5 Jul, 2021

How long does it take to recover from knee replacement surgery?

Having a knee replacement is not easy on your body. It can take each person a different period of time to heal after such a surgery, so your doctor might not be able to tell you exactly how long it will take you to recover from knee replacement surgery.  However, the American Association of Hip

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28 Jun, 2021

Three advantages you can get from physical therapy after knee surgery

There are many types of knee surgery out there, and they’re all used to help people whose knees are having difficulty healing.  For instance, surgeries can be done to repair knee soft tissue or even to completely replace a joint eroded by arthritis. Knee surgeries are even relatively common in the U.S. One study on

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