Knee Pain

5 Mar, 2021

What is causing the pain behind my knee when I’m bending it?

Feeling pain behind your knee every time you bend it can really make daily tasks harder. After all, bending your knee is vital to actions like putting on your pants and walking up stairs.  Pain behind your knee is also known as posterior knee pain, and you could easily develop this type of pain. After

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3 Jan, 2021

Should I be concerned about a loud pop in the knee followed by pain?

Did you hear a loud pop in your knee followed quickly afterward by pain? While it’s possible the popping and pain may be related to something else, these are the hallmark symptoms of a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). The ACL is one of the ligaments in each knee that helps stabilize the joint. A

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7 Dec, 2020

Why is there a crunching sound in my knee?

Do you hear or feel a crunching sensation in your knee when walking, running or jumping? An occasional crack of the knee might not be much to worry about, similar to popping the knuckles in your fingers. However, a constant crunching sound in your knee can be understandably concerning. You might hear crunching in your

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2 Dec, 2020

What to do when you have knee pain when going downstairs

Knee pain can surprise you in the ways it affects you. You might not notice any pain at all until performing certain activities, such as walking up or down stairs. Walking on stairs is better for your cardiovascular health, but it can put a lot of stress on your knees, especially when walking downstairs. Knee

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13 Aug, 2020

Your video guide to three simple exercises for reducing knee pain

Download Free Guide When you have constant pain and stiffness in your knees, exercising is probably one of the last activities you think about doing. However, exercising helps strengthen and stretch the muscles around your knees, which helps reduce and prevent knee pain. It may feel like you’re in a pickle if you have knee

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10 Apr, 2020

Four potential causes of a stiff knee after sitting

Unless you’re sitting in an odd position that puts stress on the area, a stiff knee after sitting should not be a normal occurrence. If you find yourself encountering this issue on a regular basis, you should seek professional attention for diagnosis and treatment. Even if it isn’t accompanied by pain, knee stiffness can be

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5 Mar, 2020

Can’t bend your knee without pain? Here are five potential reasons why

Whether you’re an athlete, someone who works a physical job or a retiree looking to stay active, knee pain can have a severe effect on your ability to function. Since we use our knees to accomplish pretty much any movement, if you can’t bend your knee without feeling pain, you might find yourself immobilized quickly.

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3 Jan, 2020

Knee pain when walking up stairs? Physical therapy can help

Persistent knee pain can have a disruptive effect on your quality of life. Basic activities like getting up out of a chair or climbing stairs can become difficult or even impossible. It can even lead to some perplexing situations, such as knee pain when climbing up stairs but not when going down. Specific symptoms can

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2 Oct, 2019

What happens if you don’t do physical therapy after knee surgery?

When it comes to knee injuries, most people prefer to treat them with conservative methods like physical therapy. However, some knee injuries are too severe for conservative treatments and need surgical intervention.  Surgery may help repair the damage in an injured knee, but it comes with a cost. Surgeons must make incisions that may go

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9 Sep, 2019

Three factors that make aquatic therapy great for knee pain

Joint injuries and arthritis are among the most common issues people deal with. If you live in or around Gretna, Louisiana, there’s aquatic therapy nearby that can help treat your knee pain.  Aquatic therapy consists of many movements, stretches and exercises, and these take place in a heated pool. It’s also called aqua therapy or

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