Neck Pain

4 Jun, 2020

Understanding the connection between neck pain and headaches in the back of the head

It rarely fails. You feel pain in your neck, and after a while, you also develop a headache in the back of your head. It’s not a coincidence that these two issues occur together. In fact, both are common issues.  Researchers estimate that about 50% of people experience headaches in any given year. Neck pain

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3 Jun, 2020

Why do I always have a stiff neck from sleeping?

It hardly ever fails. You wake up in the morning, and your neck is stiff and painful. Usually, the symptoms fade during the day — but you know that they’ll be back the next morning.  This scenario is far too common. However, you aren’t alone in having to deal with a stiff neck from sleeping.

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8 Apr, 2020

Four tips that can help you get rid of a kink in your neck

We’ve all had to deal with a kink in the neck at one time or another. In many cases it’s because you slept in an awkward position or had poor posture for a few hours at work without realizing it. By addressing basic ergonomic and lifestyle issues like this, that kink in the neck can

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3 Mar, 2020

What to do when dealing with frequent headaches from neck pain

Headaches related to neck pain, also known as cervicogenic headaches, affect millions of people each year. Although not as common as other types of headaches such as migraines and tension headaches, headaches from neck pain can have a devastating impact on quality of life for the people they affect. Dealing with headaches and neck pain

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2 Mar, 2020

Why does my neck hurt when I wake up?

Neck pain and stiffness after a night of sleep is a common issue, and there are a number of causes and contributors. Probably the most well known is simply sleeping in a funny position. If you keep your neck in an awkward position for too long, it can cause problems with muscle contraction, blood flow

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6 Jan, 2020

Treatment can affect how long a stiff neck lasts

If you’re dealing with a stiff neck that is disrupting your normal activity level and are looking for lasting relief to get you back to a better quality of life, physical therapy can help. Neck stiffness, often accompanied by pain and limited range of motion, can have a number of causes including injury and progressive

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3 Nov, 2019

Neck, shoulder and arm pain with numbness in the fingers — what does it mean?

It is common for patients to experience neck pain that is accompanied by shoulder pain, arm pain and numbness in the fingers. This group of symptoms can range from a relatively mild inconvenience to a debilitating problem that affects nearly every aspect of your life. Everything from driving to work in the morning to getting

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3 May, 2019

What causes neck pain and headaches?

Neck pain and headaches can cause difficulty in one’s day-to-day life and be debilitating when severe or persistent. Understanding the underlying causes of and options available for the reduction of neck pain and headaches are important first steps in addressing this common issue. Physical therapy services provided by the team of rehabilitation experts at Rehab

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