Neck Pain

7 Jun, 2021

Why turn to a physical therapist for help with chronic neck pain and headaches?

You’ve been feeling neck pain and having headaches for months, so you seek help from a medical professional. This professional tells you something that you don’t expect.  What they likely told you is that you have a neck problem that’s causing cervicogenic headaches, and you’re not the only person who is dealing with the chronic

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4 Mar, 2021

How long is the recovery time for a herniated disc?

In most cases, time is an effective healing component for a herniated disc. However, how much recovery time your herniated disc may need can vary.  On average, herniated discs tend to heal in between four and six weeks, but many of the people who develop a herniated disc may be looking for treatment that can

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3 Mar, 2021

Three ways physical therapy can benefit those with neck arthritis pain

The neck contains many soft tissue structures and joints that can wear out as you age. When this happens, it’s often referred to as cervical osteoarthritis. This condition can lead to pain when doing normal daily activities.  Millions of Americans will end up having to deal with neck osteoarthritis at some point. In fact, medical

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7 Feb, 2021

Three reasons you’ve developed constant neck pain

Feeling an almost constant pain in your neck as you go about your daily routine? If you said yes, there are many reasons why you might be feeling this chronic neck pain.  Chronic neck pain is defined as neck pain that lasts for at least 12 weeks. People are far more likely to develop chronic

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4 Jan, 2021

How can I sleep with a stiff neck and shoulder?

Neck pain or shoulder pain affects you in many ways. It may be more difficult to change clothes, do household chores or drive a car. One way neck or shoulder pain might affect you that may be a surprise is sleeping comfortably. When you have a stiff neck and shoulder, it can be challenging to

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1 Jan, 2021

Why do I have pain in my neck and shoulder radiating down my arm?

Neck pain and shoulder pain are normal parts of life. It’s not unusual to have a sore neck or shoulder after a long day of physical work or sports activities. However, when you have pain in the neck and shoulder radiating down your arm, you might understandably be concerned. Pain in your neck and shoulder

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3 Dec, 2020

Should I be concerned about the throbbing pain in my neck?

It’s normal to have neck pain at points in life. For example, if you go to sleep in an awkward position, you’ll likely wake up with neck pain. Usually, pain like this goes away after a little time or some home treatments and stretching. However, some types of neck pain last long or are more

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5 Nov, 2020

Four physical therapy treatments for neck and shoulder pain

Neck and shoulder pain is one of the most common causes of pain in American adults. Often, neck and shoulder pain develop at the same time because the neck and shoulders share a lot of the same muscles and tendons.  You rely on your neck and shoulders for the majority of your daily activities, so

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4 Nov, 2020

Can neck pain cause headaches? What can you do about it?

The short answer to the question “Can neck pain cause headaches?” is yes. However, we suspect you want to know more. You want to know not only how neck pain can cause your headaches. You want to know what causes it and how you can treat and prevent it. How does neck pain cause headaches?

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3 Nov, 2020

Four tips for preventing chronic neck and shoulder pain

Have you ever had pain that seems to spread from your neck into your shoulder or vice versa? It’s normal for neck and shoulder pain to occur at the same time because they share many muscles and soft tissue. Also, the nerves running through them can be subject to irritation that spreads pain along the

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