Physical therapy

7 May, 2019

Treating ankle pain in Belle Chasse, LA

Ankle pain comes in many forms and can be traced to a broad range of causes. The ankle joint and bones are some of the most complex in the body and carry nearly the full weight and movement of the musculoskeletal system during any physical activity. Because of this, they are susceptible to pain due

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6 May, 2019

Treating hip pain with physical therapy in Gretna, LA

Hip pain is an often serious reality for many people, whether because of age, trauma, hip replacement surgery or some other cause. Levels of hip pain can vary from case to case just as the underlying cause of that pain can. It can be difficult to pinpoint and treat because of this. Fortunately, Rehab Access

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5 May, 2019

What is physical therapy?

Physical Therapy—sometimes referred to as PT—is a specialized field of treatment for the reduction of pain or loss of physical function associated with a number of causes. It takes place in conjunction with other forms of medical care and has been shown by numerous studies to be an effective way to treat symptoms in a

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4 May, 2019

How can physical therapy treat chronic headaches?

Headaches are reportedly experienced by about half of adults at least once per year. It is one of the more common pain-related symptoms. For most, these symptoms are occasional and short term. However, in some cases the pain associated with headaches is persistent. These cases fall into the category of headache disorders; a serious and

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2 May, 2019

How can physical therapy reduce lower back pain?

Lower back pain is a common occurrence among adults in a wide range of occupations and situations. It is the most common official reason for missed work days and affects the lives of roughly 80% of people over the course of their life. The good news is that most forms of lower back pain can

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10 Apr, 2019

Why does elevating a sports injury help it heal?

If you play sports, you may have experienced a sports injury. If you’ve played for many years, you may know some methods to help your injury heal. However, you may not know why elevation helps a sports injury heal. Fortunately, there’s a physical therapy team that can help you learn about this important topic. Our

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5 Apr, 2019

Physical therapies for work injuries

You may think that a physical therapy clinic can’t help you with injuries you got at work. However, that’s not true. In fact, there’s a team that uses many types of physical therapy to treat work injuries. Our team at Rehab Access has been providing physical therapy services to the towns of Gretna and Belle

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2 Apr, 2019

How can physical therapy help me live a healthier lifestyle?

Most people are aware that increasing your daily activity level can help you be healthier. However, you may not know how important physical therapy can be for weight loss. Luckily, our team at Rehab Access can help you answer the question, “How can physical therapy help me lose weight?” At Rehab Access, our team is

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10 Feb, 2019

Relieve Hip and Knee Pain For Good with Physical Therapy!

Both the hips and knees are areas in the body where several muscles, tendons, and joints are joined together to help you achieve complex movement. If there is damage and subsequent pain in these areas, it can be difficult to perform daily activities. There are several specific ways that physical therapy can help relieve hip

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2 Feb, 2019

Physical therapy near me in Belle Chasse, LA

Physical therapy has been shown to effectively treat many injuries and medical conditions. Whether these aches and pains are from old sports injuries resurfacing or from new strains or muscle tears, a personalized physical therapy plan can help you find relief. Our Rehab Access team offers physical therapy services that are second to none in

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