Physical therapy

3 May, 2024

3 key differences between aquatic therapy and swim class

In aquatic therapy, a licensed physical therapist conducts exercises and activities that target a painful and/or swollen area in your body. These exercises take place in a heated pool. For example, your physical therapist may use their hands to gently loosen your injured muscles (i.e., use passive exercises) during aquatic therapy. They may also instruct

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1 Mar, 2024

14 questions to ask prospective PT employers before joining their team

It’s natural to be curious and want to learn about a potential job opportunity as much as possible. Physical therapy employment opportunities are projected to increase by 15% by 2032. Job growth means more interviews and employment opportunities. Questions can come up in the interview process flow, but there may be others you want to

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3 Jan, 2024

What affects the salary of a physical therapist with specialist training?

One of the most intriguing facets of the physical therapy profession is the potential for rewarding compensation. Physical therapy salaries can vary based on a variety of factors, including experience, location and specialization. Beyond the financial aspect, many people can be drawn to physical therapy due to the gratification received by positively impacting their patients’

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1 Aug, 2023

Rotator cuff physical therapy exercises for student-athletes

We all put our shoulders through wear and tear on a daily basis, especially people who participate in strenuous fitness activities and sports. Nearly every sport requires ample mobility of the shoulder, from tossing a basketball from the three-point line to swinging a golf club. While athletes of any age are at risk of a

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2 Nov, 2021

What is involved in an annual wellness exam at a physical therapy clinic?

For nearly two years now, health and wellness have been serious concerns for many Americans. It’s not too surprising then that a 2020 survey found that 57% of Americans claimed that they were prioritizing their health and wellness even over financial concerns.  One way to take a first step toward improving your wellness is to

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8 Oct, 2021

Is physical therapy the same thing as physical rehab?

Physical therapy, physical rehab or rehabilitation, and physiotherapy. There are a lot of terms that are thrown around when people talk about treating musculoskeletal injuries or medical conditions, but do they all mean the same thing exactly? In the case of physical therapy and physical rehab, the answer is they aren’t exactly the same.  What

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4 Oct, 2021

Why should I go to physical therapy before walking on a sprained ankle?

All ankle sprains are not created equally. There are three grades of ankle sprains. People with grade one sprains should be able to walk in less time than people with grade two or three sprains. One medical professional who can help you determine if you should walk on a sprained ankle yet is a physical

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7 Nov, 2020

How physical therapy for hip arthritis can help you get through your day

Have you recently been diagnosed with hip arthritis? It can be discouraging to be told you have hip arthritis, because there is no cure for this condition. However, there are treatments that can help manage the pain and stiffness and improve your quality of life. Treatments for hip arthritis vary depending on the severity of

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5 Nov, 2020

Four physical therapy treatments for neck and shoulder pain

Neck and shoulder pain is one of the most common causes of pain in American adults. Often, neck and shoulder pain develop at the same time because the neck and shoulders share a lot of the same muscles and tendons.  You rely on your neck and shoulders for the majority of your daily activities, so

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4 Oct, 2020

What to expect from your physical therapy clinic in Gretna, LA

In today’s digital age, access to the latest information and treatments is expected by everyone who is looking for treatment. The difference then becomes the patient experience and how they are welcomed into their treatment program.  When you’re suffering from aches and pains or a sudden injury, you deserve the best to help you recover.

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