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Post surgical rehab

2 Nov, 2019

Here’s what can happen if you don’t do physical therapy after having knee surgery

Next to the procedure itself, the recovery process from knee surgery is one of the most important parts of your treatment journey. Any procedure requires some degree of tissue disruption and an incision, both of which require healing. Additionally, patients who have been hobbled with knee pain for a long period of time often need

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2 Oct, 2019

What happens if you don’t do physical therapy after knee surgery?

When it comes to knee injuries, most people prefer to treat them with conservative methods like physical therapy. However, some knee injuries are too severe for conservative treatments and need surgical intervention.  Surgery may help repair the damage in an injured knee, but it comes with a cost. Surgeons must make incisions that may go

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6 Sep, 2019

Pain management after rotator cuff surgery for patients in Gretna, LA

Any type of surgery involves some sort of postoperative pain. In addition to helping patients regain function to ensure a positive outcome after surgery, physical therapy and rehabilitation can also help patients dealing with pain. Due to the delicate nature of the area and the frequent movements the arm performs, pain management after rotator cuff

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1 May, 2019

The benefits of rehab after surgery

When it comes to the healing process that accompanies a surgical operation, the surgery itself may be only one of the steps. Post-surgical rehab is often a necessary follow-up to surgery and can be beneficial in aiding the speed and effectiveness of a patient’s recovery. A well-developed and carried out plan of exercises after an

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17 Apr, 2019

How long does post-surgical ankle rehab last?

If you’re considering an ankle surgery, you may be wondering how long post-surgical ankle rehab lasts. Luckily, there’s an experienced physical therapy team that can answer your post-surgical rehab questions. At Rehab Access, we’ve worked closely with doctors in Gretna and Belle Chasse, Louisiana, and communities nearby for 20 years. During that time, our team

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4 Feb, 2019

Physical therapy after surgery

Physical therapy after surgery is one of the most effective methods for a healthy recovery. This type of therapy can help restore movement and strength to the muscles and ligaments after surgery, helping you to maximize your physical abilities during recovery. At Rehab Access, we offer personalized physical therapy after surgery for a number of

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6 Jan, 2019

What to do after back surgery

You may have your surgery all planned out and scheduled, but you may not have considered what to do after back surgery. Fortunately, there’s a physical therapy team that may be able to help you. Rehab Access offers high-quality physical therapy in Belle Chasse and Gretna, Louisiana. Our team is committed to helping you get

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14 Dec, 2018

Two reasons you need to consider post-surgical rehab

Rehab Access has a team of physical therapists that can help you with many services, and one service we feel especially strongly about is post-surgical rehab.  Our dedicated team has been offering physical therapy to people in the Belle Chasse and Gretna, Louisiana areas since 1999. Our mission is to help you get the best

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6 Dec, 2018

Two habits of highly successful post-surgical rehab patients

The success of post-surgical rehab often rests with the work a patient puts into physical therapy. However, it can be hard to find the motivation to go to physical therapy after a procedure. After surgery, there can be a great deal of pain and discomfort. You may want to rest and relax, but it is

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15 Oct, 2018

Understanding the Importance of Post-Surgical Rehab

Post-surgical rehab is usually the last thing on a patient’s mind immediately after an operation. However, it is often the work put in before and after a surgical procedure that can determine how well and how quickly the recovery period goes. For patients recovering from something as serious as a knee replacement, the doctor may

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