Shoulder Pain

2 Feb, 2021

The most likely cause of burning pain in your shoulder

Burning pain in your shoulder can hamper your ability to do many normal daily tasks. For instance, you might have difficulty driving, or you might find getting yourself dressed in the morning a painful chore. One issue that’s likely to cause this type of pain is subacromial bursitis.  Subacromial bursitis occurs when a bursa in

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7 Jan, 2021

Do I need surgery for a partial rotator cuff tear?

Your shoulders are incredibly powerful and complex joints that are capable of moving in a wide range of motion. Not only do the shoulders move so freely for a variety of activities, but they also help keep your arms connected to the rest of your body.  This is all primarily done through the rotator cuff,

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4 Jan, 2021

How can I sleep with a stiff neck and shoulder?

Neck pain or shoulder pain affects you in many ways. It may be more difficult to change clothes, do household chores or drive a car. One way neck or shoulder pain might affect you that may be a surprise is sleeping comfortably. When you have a stiff neck and shoulder, it can be challenging to

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1 Jan, 2021

Why do I have pain in my neck and shoulder radiating down my arm?

Neck pain and shoulder pain are normal parts of life. It’s not unusual to have a sore neck or shoulder after a long day of physical work or sports activities. However, when you have pain in the neck and shoulder radiating down your arm, you might understandably be concerned. Pain in your neck and shoulder

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4 Dec, 2020

How long will I have pain after my rotator cuff surgery?

Your rotator cuffs are vital to your ability to use your shoulders and arms for a wide range of activities. Each rotator cuff is a group of muscles and soft tissue that help hold the shoulder joints together and power the joint for its wide range of motion.  When the rotator cuff gets hurt, physical

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5 Nov, 2020

Four physical therapy treatments for neck and shoulder pain

Neck and shoulder pain is one of the most common causes of pain in American adults. Often, neck and shoulder pain develop at the same time because the neck and shoulders share a lot of the same muscles and tendons.  You rely on your neck and shoulders for the majority of your daily activities, so

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3 Nov, 2020

Four tips for preventing chronic neck and shoulder pain

Have you ever had pain that seems to spread from your neck into your shoulder or vice versa? It’s normal for neck and shoulder pain to occur at the same time because they share many muscles and soft tissue. Also, the nerves running through them can be subject to irritation that spreads pain along the

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5 Apr, 2020

Three potential causes of shoulder pain when moving your arm across your body

We rely on our shoulders for an extremely wide range of movements that we often take for granted. For example, whether you’re reaching over to grab an object on your desk or passing an object to someone sitting next to you, you may not think about the simple act of moving your arm across your

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5 Feb, 2020

Three types of rotator cuff rehab exercises

Since we rely on our elbows to do so much, elbow injuries are very common. In particular, injuries very often occur in the rotator cuff, which is a collection of muscles and connective tissue that joins the arm to the shoulder. This important part of the body needs to be strong enough to endure the

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7 Dec, 2019

Belle Chasse, LA, patients — how to sleep with a stiff neck and shoulder

If you’re dealing with neck and shoulder stiffness that is interfering with your sleep, chances are you’ve tried any number of methods to get some rest at night. From a hot shower to a memory foam mattress to sleeping pills, if pain and stiffness are keeping you awake, it can be easy to become frustrated

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