Sports Injury

12 Jul, 2021

How to prevent hip pain from happening while you’re playing sports

Playing a sport is a great thing for so many reasons. It helps people connect with others, and sports also help us have fun while improving our fitness. Yet, playing sports can also lead to many different types of pain.  The pain you feel after playing sports can range from minor aches and pains to

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10 May, 2021

Three sports injuries that can lead to both lower back and hip pain

Dealing with minor aches and pains is something that many athletes take for granted. However, some athletes may develop moderate to severe lower back and hip pain, and these forms of pain are often caused by specific sports injuries.  It’s not uncommon for U.S. athletes to experience an aching lower back or hip. One medical

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2 Oct, 2020

Sports injury treatment at Rehab Access Physical Therapy

Sports injuries are common when you are participating in competitions, training exercises or fitness activities. Poor training techniques, not enough warmup and lack of conditioning are just a few of the causes of sports injuries. Some of the most common sports injuries include sprains, strains, swollen muscles, fractures and dislocations. Injuries range in severity. Some

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4 Nov, 2019

Relief for common sports injuries — how does physical therapy help?

While they can be highly enjoyable and a great form of exercise, many athletic pursuits can be a common source of injury. From playing tennis to basketball or even just going for a run every morning, the repetitive motions and quick movements that accompany sports can put a high degree of stress and strain on

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4 Oct, 2019

Five signs of common sports injuries that mean it’s time to get help

Athletes push their bodies to the limits while training and competing. As a result, their bodies are vulnerable to a number of minor and serious injuries.  It’s important to know when to stop and seek treatment for an injury to maximize the quality and speed of your recovery. Take a look at the list here

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2 Aug, 2019

Three ways that exercises help to avoid tennis elbow

Whether you develop it from actually playing tennis, or due to similar arm movements from activities like painting or plumbing, tennis elbow can be a painful and frustrating condition to deal with. If you’ve had this injury in the past and worked to recover from it, then it is highly likely that avoiding reinjury is

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10 Apr, 2019

Why does elevating a sports injury help it heal?

If you play sports, you may have experienced a sports injury. If you’ve played for many years, you may know some methods to help your injury heal. However, you may not know why elevation helps a sports injury heal. Fortunately, there’s a physical therapy team that can help you learn about this important topic. Our

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20 Mar, 2019

5 Benefits of Therapeutic Massage for Athletes

As an athlete, you already know that you’ve got to maintain optimal health if you want to keep playing the sport you love. Physical therapy with an experienced physical therapist is a big part of that, especially when you’re recovering from an injury. One of the main parts of a good physical therapy regimen after

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2 Mar, 2019

What are the causes of sports injuries?

You don’t have to be an athlete to acquire a painful sports injury. The physical trauma and damage to the body can have a negative lasting effect if not treated properly. Although a sprained ankle may not seem too bad, these injuries can lead to long-term disabilities. Here we will explain the types of injuries,

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5 Feb, 2019

How to prevent sports injuries as you age

One thing you may be worried about if you play sports in your older age is how to prevent sports injuries. You may be especially worried if you haven’t played sports in several years and are just now getting back into it for your health and exercise. While there is no fool-proof way to prevent

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